2007 dodge caliber transmission problems

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  • Dodge Caliber Transmission Failure: 14 Complaints
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  • Dodge Caliber transmission problems with 51 complaints from Caliber owners. The worst complaints are transmission failure, transmission fluid overheats.

    The Dodge Caliber has 14 problems reported for transmission failure. Average repair cost is $ at miles.

    FACT! During the Second World War, Dodge produced heavy jeeps and aircraft engines. One of these Dodge WC (Weapon Carrier) jeeps was delivered to the USSR, where he was nicknamed the 750-kg "Dodge Three-Quarters" load capacity. In total, more than 25,000 such cars were delivered to the Lend-Lease in the USSR, where they acquired the glory of an indestructible car.

    Problem - A year ago my dodge caliber began to show it's age. replaced transmission in dodge caliber lost all power 1 Answer.

    They installed a new transmission. High Quality Repairs Your auto repair done right, only the work you need with no add ons. Can anyone give me any information on what I can do? A free service from CarTalk. They gave me Case and I am awaiting a call back.

    Dodge Questions - Dodge Caliber trans. Problem - CarGurus

    Learn more about The Car Book here. The Dodge Caliber has all kinds of suspension problems at relatively low mileage: Unfortunately all the suspension problems means some owners only find out after they notice their tires are ruined.

    With most other cars, major suspension work is pretty rare under 50, miles. I bought my car 4 years ago, I started hearing a grinding sound coming from the engine. I took it to the dealership and they told me the transmission is about to go and it can't be fixed because it's a CVT transmission. Don't know what to do with my car, can't afford another car. Can anyone give me any information on what I can do?

    This Dodge has a history of bad transmissions on this car, now I find out? Dodge ripped me off when I purchased this car, no disclosure on this car, just sold as is, no warranty, didn't even offer to sell a extended warranty.

    I'm at a loss here, don't know what to do and can't find anyone to help us with this problem. Looked online, the forum for this model has several car owners like me who has the same problem.

    Maybe someone there can call Dodge and ask about recalls on cars they don't make anymore, all my calls have fallen on deaf ears. And why should I pay for this? Transmissions don't just go out driving back and forth to work or food shopping, this is all black top driving! I need my car for my job, I have a cleaning business. I have two options here, hitch hike or walk a mile to catch a bus and then walk a 3 miles back to get to Doctor appointments and to go grocery shopping, or a cab.

    It's not easy to get around here in Hawaii on the Big Island, we're not a major city like Honolulu. Being a displaced worker in my fifty's and disabled with a small income, it's hard to get a loan or find anyone willing to allow me to make payments.

    Kamaaina Motors, located in Hilo, Hawaii sold me a Lemon. I will never purchase another Dodge, I've always purchased American cars, I hate to say this but I'm buying an import next time Update from Apr 18, Found a Lawyer to contact them on my behalf to ask for a repair, or to be sold an extended warranty. I'm in the same "boat" car as Rowena with the transmission situation and I am going to definitely have an expert transmission shop look closer into this situation and see what kind of feed back I get and hopefully we can all be reassured of a problem that may be considered for recall.

    Do not purchase a vehicle with a CVT transmission, there is no rebuilding it, you have to replace the entire unit. Best to go for a regular transmission or better yet, manual. My mechanic at the tranny shop said there is a lot of CVT's coming in and they are hard to get as the demand is high.

    Just past warranty when the transmission went. Crysler will not cover, only had the car for one year and have 3 years of payments still. I had another CVT put in, it's garbage as well. Wasted thousands of dollars, trading it in for a manual vehicle at a major loss. I heard a grinding noise while accelerating and took it to the dealership immediately.

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