Porsche 911 gt2 2008

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  • With horsepower on tap, the GT2 is the most powerful and fastest roadgoing Porsche ever to be sold to the public. At first glance, it looks simply like a.

    Porsche Another yawnworthy ? Or a yee-hah one? Definitely the latter. Turbo not hard enough? Then how about removing the.

    What follows is the very first U.S. instrumented test of Porsche's newest, wickedest-ever , the GT2. The numbers will astonish you.

    I spend 1 hour from start to closing, the shortest time ever spent purchasing a vehicle. The appearance of the GT2 once again differed from its sister car, the Turbo. Include Listings Without Available Pricing 3. In , the was replaced with the new model. I love my car!

    Porsche GT2 - Wikipedia

    Then how about removing the four-wheel drive, sir? Want to smash the magical mph barrier? Soak in the GT2's mph v-max and quake in your boots.

    Oh, and it has semi-slick Cup tyres too. Make no mistake, the GT2 isn't for fools. You won't miss the GT2, either. Beside the Turbo's LED look-at-me lights sit new extra-large air intakes to cool the brakes, a reprofiled spoiler, rear diffuser and sills.

    It's a lesson in Teutonic purposefulness. Inevitably, the answer is yes. The explosiveness of the package is matched by an explosion of the senses. The minute you start driving the GT2, it comes alive. Turn-in is instant and the wheel jitters with feel and road detail, letting you know exactly what's what.

    This much power in a physics-defying is a lesson in trepidation and a test of the nerves. Well, the noise is intense for starters, but it's mainly because you are always - and I mean always - aware that the rear wheels are doing the work and that blown flat six is only a mistimed prod away from wreaking carnage with those shaved Cup tyres.

    You could say that. Those bald-as-a-coot Pirellis are fine in the dry, sticky and secure, but the moment the heavens open and they do that rather a lot in the UK, in case you'd forgotten , so does your mouth.

    Water-skiers might enjoy the sensation of carving across puddles, but we don't. And did we mention just how fast the GT2 was? A muscular bhp propelling kg of is never going to be tardy, but the sheer visceral blast of the flat six is something else. It demolishes the 62mph benchmark in a frankly suicidal 3. Whoever at Porsche calculates such things must have had a right old laugh the day they worked that out. We can't imagine many customers testing that particular statistic During our damp test, the GT2 spun its rear wheels in the first two gears anywhere up to rpm, the rubber playing second fiddle to a monstrous lb ft of shove.

    There is a limited slip diff to help channel all those forces into forward motion though. And the flat six loves to rev. There's a new gearshift indicator on the GT2, flashing a red arrow at rpm to give you just enough warning to change up before hitting the limiter if you're really pushing on. And it's only at the top end that this motor feels ferociously fast, as opposed to merely oh-my-gawd rapid. Thank the extra boost the GT2 runs. As well as the lack of bulky 4wd hardware, a glass-reinforced plastic engine cover, titanium exhaust system and standard Porsche Carbon Composite Brakes PCCB complete the diet.

    The brakes alone are 50 percent lighter than equally-sized steel discs, Porsche claim. That's what this boils down to. But what did you expect? Is it worth that premium over the accomplished Turbo?

    That's open to debate. For the buyer who has to have the ultimate, the collector who loves Porsches, they will merely write the cheque before they've even got this far through CAR's review.

    800hp Porsche 911 GT2 - With Backseat Suspension!?

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