2008 porsche cayman s problems

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  • There are 30 reviews for the Porsche Cayman, click through to see what The broken seal is not so much of an issue, the problem is that it leads to the IMS has experienced longevity and worldwide success, the Cayman S is truly the.

    A complete list of 22 - Porsche Cayman Consumer Ratings and Reviews on Cayman S Review. By Eddie IMS problems plague this model, could.

    About logo. The Porsche logo is a coat of arms that shows: a riding horse and a deer antler, framed by red stripes. The emblem is dedicated to the home city of the concern - Studgart. Strips and horns are symbols of the city, and the stallion is depicted in connection with the fact that originally in place of the city, in the year 950 there was a horse farm, around which a whole city was gradually built.

    Boxster / Cayman - Advice on Cayman purchase - Hi folks. I'm looking at a Cayman automatic and wanted to know if the IMS problem had I bought my Cayman S 13K in October I totally love the car but I.

    Just when you thought things were looking up with the IMS airbrushed from the design, scored bores step in to keep the horror and heartache going. No matter what you do you'll have to weigh the end result- a 9 year old CS, worth in the low 20K range. The upshot of all of this is that their goodwill gesture is now specifically calculated from the date when the engine is stripped down not from when I brought the car into the dealership for investigation. You just have to get used to the front and top engine cover concept. Disgraceful attitude by Porsche but I'm less and less suprised these days - which OPC did you buy the car from out of interest?

    Question Cayman S Engine failure. Ideas or suggestions?

    I didn't mention 06 since that was the first year and first years tend to be problematic. I went from a 91 GTI with nearly k miles on it that was both bulletproof and pretty much self maintained sans an enclosed garage or any ramps or lifts to an 04 3. I don't want to move to a place with a garage and I don't want to accumulate a bunch of ramps etc.

    I'm also expecting to drive it for k miles like the GTI, after all the car would be at least 17 years newer. Does the Cayman fit the bill? Understanding that hp is nice, I'm willing to go with a 2.

    THe past couple years I've been driving about 30k miles mostly highway so I want something I can drive, fix, drive, fix, and keep that party going for an astounding amount of miles. I'm taking a serious look at: Thanks in advance for any constructive input. Find More Posts by Mister Quickie. Gen 1 is Gen 2 is Gen 1 3. There are numerous threads on this especially on http: Find More Posts by Wanderer.

    Find More Posts by extanker. I don't know that the Cayman has been around long enough to know the average engine life. Many are third or fourth cars with low mileage. Unless you have a lift or other fancy tools. I know a few people who have rebuilt or replaced Cayman engines. Find More Posts by Dr.

    I think maybe the 2. I believe the 2. The life of the engine is all up to how it was driven and maintained. The cost of a rebuild is k. Find More Posts by jumper I've tried to locate pictures of the engine compartment but my image search yields only the engine by itself. Anyone have any pics of a G2 Cayman or Cayman S engine compartment that can help me visualize? On the model years, the front, rear and interior of the car is different from the cars.

    Gen 1 is fine if you aren't tracking it hard. High milesge street use should be fine but i havent heard of anyone with k on one. Someone had about k on one at planet9. Most maintenance is accessible but not as a gti. I had an 89 16v back in the day. Find More Posts by gmsracing. Originally Posted by Mister Quickie. Find More Posts by cds Caymans are niether bullet proof nor easily self maintained.

    Engine might be marginally more accessible with interior panels removed, but maintainence is about the same as a If its want you want, enjoy it. If you're looking for something that is low maintainence, easy to care for and bulletproof, you may want to expand your search.

    Good luck with your decision. Find More Posts by Find More Posts by Macster. Transmission 2nd gear synchro's can be problematic. Transmission replacement outside of warranty is Expensive. If you are looking for a simple vehicle to self maintain easily, these are not it. Find More Posts by Pawilly. Heck I was hoping that y'all had all the answers for my Cayman quest already worked out. I still have work to do. Or I guess a or an early Carrera is in my future. But the looks and driving of the Cayman are so nice.

    Find More Posts by TexasRider. Or either I guess a or an early Carrera is in my future. I dont find the Cayman to be hard to work on at all. You just have to get used to the front and top engine cover concept. The engine seems much more accessible than a You do need to be able to get under the engine, like all cars, but a set of ramps will work.


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