2001 porsche boxster problems

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  • Buying a used Porsche Boxster is a step toward driving nirvana. Thankfully, the engine problems of the first-generation model do not carry over into the.

    A complete list of 44 - Porsche Boxster Consumer Ratings and Reviews on EDUCATIA.INFO

    About logo. The Porsche logo is a coat of arms that shows: a riding horse and a deer antler, framed by red stripes. The emblem is dedicated to the home city of the concern - Studgart. Strips and horns are symbols of the city, and the stallion is depicted in connection with the fact that originally in place of the city, in the year 950 there was a horse farm, around which a whole city was gradually built.

    Find out what you need to look for when buying a Porsche Boxster in this The issue is most common on pre cars and can be difficult to spot. One of the most expensive problems you could encounter if you buy a Porsche Boxster.

    Cayenne S MY Be religious about maintenance. There's no point in rolling the dice on a 2. The brakes on the Boxster are excellent. Also, door speakers will lift the stereo quality from awful to bearable That's all I can think of right now.

    Porsche Boxster Consumer Reviews | EDUCATIA.INFO

    Terms and Conditions Posting Rules. Renault Megane RS Trophy: Kubica signs with Williams for F1 return. PH Used Buying Guide. McLaren S Track Pack: Browse cars for sale.

    Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Hi interested in buying model boxster 2. Any advise will be helpfull. Edited by jayson fletcher on Sunday 3rd October TVR is king, have you taken up hair dressing?

    I've given several quite long answers to posts like this in the past. Can't be arsed to repeat. Suffice to say, google is your friend, everything you need to know is out there.

    And there's a lot you should know. Actually, I found one of the old posts I made, you're in luck: The engines in the early 2. But then so do al the water cooled engines. Anyway, some of the highlights for the 2.

    What I'm not convinced of, however, is that the surviving 2. The porous block problem effected early cars. The problem very much tended to result in dead engines a low mileages. Anything still going now will very probably be OK regards porous blocks. Kicked in sometime in '98 and was addressed in '99 - '97s are OK in that regard.

    Not sure whether highish miles indicates an engine has gone through the danger zone on this one. This is a lot more random. For reasons to long winded to go into, some experts say that if a bearing makes it to k miles, there's a good chance it'll go on quite a bit longer. That said, they definitely can fail at higher mileages. Overall, I personally think k is an ideal mileage to buy on regards engine reliability. I would have absolutely no more confidence in a 40k mile 2.

    In fact, as far as the engine goes, I would have less. Things to look out for: Check the oil cap for mayo. A tiny bit of moisture and scum around the edges is fine - the long filler tube naturally leads to condensation. But significant emulsion indicates impending doom.

    Check the dipstick for emulsified oil. Check the coolant level and have a good sniff around the car when it is running - can you smell coolant? Check under boot carpet for moisture. If it's damp or wet, that indicates a cracked coolant tank, which is a pain in the arse to fix.

    It should be pretty light. If it's heavy, it's nearing the end. The rear main seal on the engine, this will almost definitely be sweaty with oil. This is hard to see unless the car is on a ramp. Anyway, sweatiness is fine. Significant dripping is not.

    Why Did I Buy a Porsche Boxster?

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