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  • Find Lexus NX Hybrid reviews, prices, specs and pictures on U.S. News & World Report. We tell you what the most trusted automotive.

    Edmunds' expert review of the Lexus NX h provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we.

    Will Dron, editor of EDUCATIA.INFO, is conducting a long-term test of the Lexus NX hybrid crossover. Come back for regular updates.

    Skoda Kodiaq Sportline 2. I actually felt like it was too small for my life. Climbing back into the NX and driving it away felt like floating off on a cloud, by comparison: Can we blast through the requisite discussion of Lexus's infotainment system really quickly?

    Lexus NX h review: the reliably reliable hybrid SUV

    The Lexus NX is the Japanese company's antidote to formulaic European design , face-lifted for a second time since its launch in Sitting a rung below the BMW X5-rivalling RX , the NX has been a big seller for this relatively under-represented brand , accounting for almost a third of its European sales and in outselling the CTh luxo-hatch at a ratio of three to one.

    A large part of its appeal has always been the acute, concept-car-esque geometry of its bodywork. For the changes are subtle but prolong the impact of the head-turning looks that make it almost a caricature next to the more restrained likes of the Volvo XC60 , Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC.

    The last of those reiterates speed limits and such on the infotainment display. The interior remains a highlight, even if the instrument dials still sit unusually low and the enlarged infotainment screen, now Lexus does cabins very differently to the German marques , with copious switchgear and the use of novel materials to clad an architecture that favours rigid strata over flowing curves. Build quality feels very high indeed, and the driving position is widely adjustable, with well-bolstered seats.

    The driving experience is frustrating and effortless almost in equal measure. As such the NXh only really hits its luxurious brief a portion of the time, and never truly settles. To get the best out of the Hybrid Drive powertrain — a system consisting of a four-cylinder petrol engine, an electric drive motor and a slave motor, all permitted to spin independently through a planetary gearset — you have to play by its rules.

    Carpet-grazing throttle inputs are rewarded with an unpleasant flurry of revs, so smooth, quick progress is a matter of conserving momentum and gently massaging power out of the Hybrid Drive when you can. No change there, then. The NXh is, however, capable of impressive cross-country pace , with well-controlled body roll and intuitive steering.

    A shame, then, that the recuperative brakes still feel over-assisted, springy and thus difficult to modulate. In low-speed traffic the NXh remains a cut above its un-electrified rivals thanks to ability to glide off the mark silently. You have to experience this to realise how calming a sensation it is, particularly in comparison to the stop-start systems on non-hybrid rivals, which are constantly firing up the engine.

    Should I buy one? It depends on your priorities. An Alfa Romeo Stelvio is in another universe in terms of involvement. Not that such things will necessarily bother those of more steady-state driving habits, be it motorway cruising or a congested commute. In either scenario the electric share of its powertrain means the NXh is quiet and refined , even if the low-speed ride does sometimes fire shockwaves into the cabin. For many, that, the indulgence of the interior and the unusual design will be enough.

    The sequential indicators infesting new Audis are completely hateful. Obnoxious and irritating in equal measure. And as for lane-departure warning - unless you are asleep, what sort of moron is this infuriating 'aid' aimed at? And if you are planning to go to sleep at the wheel, a cofin would be a more appropriate option. I rather like the sequential indicators that you see on some high end Audis most don't have them , some Mondeos and some Lexuses Lexi?

    And every time an Audi cuts me up on the M1 just to show them off it makes me want to barff all over my dashboard. I am not sure Lexus needed them for that reason. I had an NXh as a courtesy cay for 2 days last year.

    The Lexus NX 300h (Team Review) - Fifth Gear

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