1999 lexus rx300 problems

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  • Lexus RX - hear there are alot of trani problems too bad I already bought one. 6 months later I notice that the 1st - 2nd gear change happens at

    Paid what the car booked for, never had a Lexus but ALWAYS owned I bought my RX with miles. lexus rx

    A complete list of 85 - Lexus RX Consumer Ratings and Reviews on EDUCATIA.INFO Bought my RX for peanuts and thought it was a killer deal. Low miles, dealer I owned her for 18 years with little or no problems.

    The Check Engine Light may illuminate because the mass air flow sensor sends incorrect information to the engine control computer. The second, a FWD was only driven by my wife and me over 40 crowd and serviced by the book at the dealer. Hey Doug, love your articles. My assumption that the trani is on it way?

    Lexus RX Problems and Complaints - 10 Issues

    Asked by SCox Aug 26, at Is there anyone out there without a problem with the Lexus Rx? I bought mine from an Independent. I'm a Disabled Veteran and had a doctor appointment the very next day in Lexington, KY which is about a 45 minute drive from where I live.

    Before I could get there, the car was putting out some heat - badly, the VSC light came on and the check engine light came on. Before friend could get it home from Lexington, the car was at 4, rpms while driving about 50 mph.

    Replaced the Transmission filter and all fluids. Also cleaned it and it only got the top layer of dirt off.

    Had to cancel my doctor appointment and take it to Advance Auto where they told me I needed to replace the Knock Sensor, Master Cylinder for brakes, bulbs, fuses, etc. Haven't had the car for even two weeks and want rid of it.

    Thanks Omid Omidi if that's you're real name! It sounds like you got one of those that just wasn't taken care of properly, that is why we recommend taking any used vehicle to a shop that does used car checks, it is money well spent and no doubt they would have found the problems you have so far stated you have had. I had very good service from our , but I followed the maintenance schedule and never had any major failures.

    Dave answered 3 years ago. I bought my RX with miles. Right off the bat I had a few items to repair, timing belt, plugs and wires.

    I now have I always change the transmission fluid regularly and do the usual standard maintenance. I had to repair the cruise control at , but other than that, its been a very solid SUV. I drive an hour to work one way everyday so put on a fair amount of highway miles.

    I just put on a brand new set of tires and brakes so I expect to get many more miles out of my Lexus. Sorry you're having the problems you're having.

    SCox answered 3 years ago. Greatly appreciate the info! If anyone is looking for a Lexus, I'll take a loss just to get back in a Toyota. GuruDPVF4 answered about a year ago. GuruTW85F answered 5 months ago. Your overdrive will disable if you have a knock sensor engine code. I have fixed many this way. It will come back.

    1999 Lexus RX300 - No Start Condition "Resolved"

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