Corvette and lamborghini

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  • Corvette ZR1 Fights Lamborghini Huracán In Drag And Rolling Races
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  • Twin test: Corvette Z06 cabrio vs Lamborghini Aventador Roadster of a new high-performance convertible like the Corvette Stingray Z

    Chevrolet Corvette vs Lamborghini Gallardo Compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs at a glance.

    It is interesting! Few people know, but Lamborghini not only produces premium-class cars. The company also produces computers, perfumes and even women's shoes.

    GM Takes On Ferrari and Lamborghini With the Corvette ZR1. With a horsepower V8 engine that can reach miles per hour, it'll.

    Compensation of a different sort is also very obvious as we pull into Malibu, home of the rich and even richer. There are usually a couple of accidents a week there, mostly harmless, which ensures a crowd and The Law is ever present, and today is no different. The Vette by comparison, is a relative ocean of calm with the roof down and the windows up. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The Aventador also has cylinder deactivation - it knocks off a bank of six cylinders when they are not needed.

    Corvette Z06 cabrio vs Lambo Aventador Roadster

    Dionne Warwick was wrong. Sure, LA has more than its fair share of traffic problems - the lava-slow freeways being one of the main everyday headaches at any time after 2. But it also more than makes up for those with its vast network of almost deserted canyon, coast and ridge roads that spin their web across the county, from the shining Pacific Ocean in the west all the way out to the desert in the east.

    On paper, the bhp supercharged Chevy is down on power compared with the bhp Lambo, as they both weigh exactly kg. Cruise by the ocean, attack the tight twisting canyon roads above Malibu, then sweep over to the San Gabriel mountains and get lost up there for a day before hitting the cruise control back to Santa Monica. So we broke it into two days and, to add a bit more colour, we invited a couple of local drivers along for the ride and drive.

    We have our favourite roads in the area, but we thought they might have some good suggestions, too. We also wanted to get their take on the two cars. With all these questions yet to be answered, we swing the two cars into the beachside car park, drop their roofs - two carbon panels in the Lambo and a fabric foldaway on the Vette - and wait for our first guest driver to arrive. In vanity- and novelty-obsessed LA, how you look is almost your most important quality, after the size of your bank balance.

    So the first test was which car would draw the most attention. The moment the pair of cars turn up, all the skaters, cyclists, walkers, vagrants - even the seagulls, weirdly - surround the Aventador and would have stood roughly on the Vette to get a better look at the Lambo. Now the last remaining model in the range that truly captures the complete absence of design restraint that characterised the marque over the past decade, the Aventador draws crowds like the first day of a Harrods sale.

    Just when we think we could start charging people to look at it, Ryan Phinny, our first guest driver, arrives and we decide not to hang around. Ryan wakes up thinking about cars, spends the day driving and talking about them, then likes to end the day with a good chat about, yep, more cars. Unable to tell if she is getting animated about her love for the car, driver or hatred of both - hard to tell from the hand signals - we notch up a point for the Stingray anyway.

    The other revelation on the coast road was just how different the two cars feel. This gives anyone with more than a lick of hair the full Swiss Toni quiff inside five minutes. The Vette by comparison, is a relative ocean of calm with the roof down and the windows up. Neither car has an inbuilt or accessory wind-deflector, but only the Lambo would really need one.

    There are a few tremors in the Vette cabin over the same road, but, at this point, at these low cruising speeds, nothing to worry about. Compensation of a different sort is also very obvious as we pull into Malibu, home of the rich and even richer. There are million-dollar supercars everywhere, a LaFerrari parked on the street as if it were a Ford Focus, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces bulging out of the parking spaces in the market.

    Kids wearing Rolex Daytonas. That kind of thing. As calm and flowing as the coast road had been, as soon as we make a right turn and head up the hill into the canyon, everything gets much, much busier. The road flicks left and right, tight hairpins followed by blind, tightening uphill turns that open out into small straights. But a quick look in the rear-view mirror, far from showing Ryan as a receding dot in the past, reveals him casually stroking the Vette up the hill just a few inches off our rear bumper.

    The seven-speed manual gearbox, with its now-genius rev-matching tech, makes up and downshifts foolproof and smooth. After another 4, corners or so, we arrive at a section of the Mulholland Highway known as The Snake. This is where bikers and drivers head at weekends to watch each other slither around one particular tight uphill bend.

    Lamborghini Huracan vs Z06 Vette

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