19 year old buys lamborghini

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  • You can buy that car, assume the risk, and flip it for market value after a few weeks. week for a year, and you'll have saved up $, - enough to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo. Can I date a year-old guy in Canada if I am 16 years old?.

    'If we had a year-old come into the showroom half a decade ago 'You don't know who is walking through the door to buy a car,' he said.

    It is interesting! Few people know, but Lamborghini not only produces premium-class cars. The company also produces computers, perfumes and even women's shoes.

    19 Year Old Self-Made Millionaire Buys Lamborghini - EDUCATIA.INFO

    There's nothing sensible about owning a Lamborghini, especially in congested London. How Nissan's boss was humbled Big UK audit firms facing 15 probes: Production began shortly afterwards, and by the end of the year, cars had been built for 13 customers; Lamborghini sold each car at a loss in order to keep prices competitive with Ferrari's. I am 19 year old can I join cricket?

    How do you afford a Lamborghini? We meet the salesman | This is Money

    Registered Users do not see the above ads. I've been lurking on the forums for quite sometime but now is my time to finally make my first post. Ill introduce myself, I'm a 21 year old finance and accounting major at a big 10 university that has always took a major liking exotics of all kinds but Lamborghini is the car I'm after now. Since I was 15 I've always worked my odd jobs here and there during school because I liked to make money and don't like much free time such as a cashier, a diesel mechanic, and lately I have been bartending for the fun of it.

    Although these have been nice supplemental income streams my main sources of in one come from an Internet marketing company I established 6 years ago whilst a sophomore in highschool. I use most of the money to reinvest back into my company and expand it and the rest to invest with which has treated me very we over the years.

    I've owned a lot of cars for a 21 year old. I currently still have my gtr and although I love the car it's not really what I was looking for, because well, it may be fast but it's not exotic. I paid cash for the car 7 months ago with no financial help from my parents, they had no issues with me purchasing the car because it wasn't 'flashy' or 'over the top'. Last week after searching for awhile, I finally found a local lambo that I intend on purchasing, I set out to get a ppi on it and did all my research in terms of Maintenance and what not.

    I can pay cash for the car, I can afford to maintain the car and I'm not overdoing it purchasing it at all. I budgeted 10, a year in maintenance and tires, and plan on keeping a 10, cash layaway to account for unexpected failures. Since I finally figured I was buying the car I told my family and their response was less than excited. My family seems to think that I'm going to look like an idiot driving a lambo at 21 years old.

    My sister says she doesn't want anyone to know I bought one, she also think its going to reflect bad upon my family. Everyone in my family seems to think its boastful and conceited to purchase such a car whilst still in college because everyone is going to think my parents bought it for me.

    My question to the lambo community is simple, are they right? And if so, is this something I should worry about? I'm buying the car because I truly respect what it is, not because its a flashy prize that's going to get me ass because lets be honest I live in a medium sized town in the center of the USA where most people think its over the top.

    Had I told my family I was going to buy an Audi r8, Aston Martin db9 or Maserati they would have been perfectly okay with it, but for some reason a lambo is pushing their buttons. As everyone has said before - do what makes YOU happy, not others!

    When I was 21 I did what I wanted to do. It wasn't always the right thing, but how else you gonna know? There might be a better place for you to put your money, but that is for you to know. Love this quote, "A ferrari is the nice girl you take home to mom. You currently have 0 posts. You can look like an idiot or like a a wonderful, competent person in a Lambo or any other car, for that matter at any age.

    It is not determined by age, but by how you act around people, particularly when they see you with the car, or if they're asking questions about it. If you act like you think you're better than others, arrogant or condescending or dismissive, or if you drive like an idiot, especially in traffic, you will look like an idiot.

    He Bought a Lamborghini Huracan at 18!

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