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  • Explore the Jaguar F-PACE. Combining sports handling with everyday practicality, Jaguar's Luxury Performance SUV is here to break the mould.

    Explore the F-PACE Range Model Specifications to build your perfect SUV. Choose the engine & performance to customise your F-PACE as you want it.

    The latest pricing and specifications for the Jaguar F-Pace. Prices range from $ to $ Compare prices of all Jaguar F-Pace's sold on.

    As for the all-important ride quality, the F-Pace will handle bad roads without breaking a sweat, but because it is stiffly spring, you will always end up hearing the suspension working, especially at slow speeds. I still think this is an issue for which car manufacturers need to find a solution--considering the amount of money people pay for a luxury vehicle. That's one of the many reasons I ended up picking the exact F-PACE I did, because the interior options I chose helped to invoke that traditional feel of Jaguar prestige. The gearbox, too, holds onto gears for longer and shifts down to keep the revs in the meat of the torque band.

    Jaguar F-PACE | Model Specifications | Performance SUV

    Beautiful, powerful, elegant, smooth, and fun to drive. Jaguar could significantly increase my satisfaction in owning, driving, and riding in this vehicle through: Better audio sound quality from the basic package C. The vehicle is absolutely delightful! Would like to see the next models have better audio sound quality , better material on lower door panels , and a much quieter cabin.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the F-Pace. Purchase experience was enjoyable; everyone at the dealership were friendly with excellent customer service. Rear suspension noise was unexpected but thank you for the recall and fix. Passenger side rear view mirror turns down during reverse, which is excellent, BUT it does not always return to its default position after shifting from reverse.

    The following improvements are needed: The vehicle needs to have the Text Message application work currently it exists in the vehicles system, but does not work. The vehicle when stopped completely, and the brake is pressed down on, should automatically hold the vehicle in the stopped position until the gas is pressed. The brake should not need to be held down the entire time you are stopped. Back seat cupholders need to be added the door cupholders are ineffective.

    Standard with the backup camera should be alerts standard backup camera will not make any noises if you approach or hit an object. Driver's side and trunk keyless entry really need to be standard with this level of product or at least offered as a reasonably priced option to the Premium model. I would trade the retractable side mirrors for the keyless entry feature.

    It is difficult to figure out how to customize the vehicle options , assuming you can do so it is not intuitive. I prefer the radio dial be shown where the gauges are located in the center dash , but then you sacrifice vehicle data—I would like to at least see how many miles until I am out of fuel in the dashboard without having all of the other vehicle data.

    The service has been fine, but it seems like every part has to be shipped from the UK, which takes extra time to repair. Right off the bat, the transfer case leaked and had to be replaced, and there was a problem with a leak in the fuel line cased by a defective part, which also had to be replaced Jaguar replaced both with no argument, so that was great.

    The current problem which is taking two weeks to get into the dealer to fix is that the backup camera does not appear to be centered properly, and I am taking to the dealer next week. The electronic touchscreen controls all seem very slow to respond. I don't understand the whole Apps feature and the dealer did not demonstrated those. The axle hump greatly reduces the functionality of the back seat and a center third passenger. I would like to see that hump reduced a few inches on the next generation of this car.

    Also, the fuel mileage on the highway should be a lot better, although I would trade that for a larger gas tank and the ability to drive miles on a single tank of gas now I am lucky to get miles in mixed driving.

    The sunroof button also does not retract the roof or screen or close it without holding down the button the entire time, which seems odd and a little arcane in this day and age. The sideview mirrors should have an integrated blind spot mirror built into them, as there is a slight blind spot on each side of the car that this would greatly alleviate.

    Jaguar F Pace Price Drop By 16 Lakh 😍

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