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  • Jaguar celebrated 75 years of history with the unveiling of the C-X75 concept at the Paris Auto Show. Besides being a range-extended electric two-seated.

    Explore the C-X75 prototype, including it's new cutting-edge design, powertrain The Jaguar C‑X75 will feature in a spectacular car chase sequence in the new.

    The Jaguar C-X75 supercar. Which won't be finished and won't be sold. And yet in , the year of the supercar, it was all set to turn the triumvirate confluence.

    PRND, a cloak of simplicity over the dizzying complexity of the mechanism it controls. The climate control is operated via the nice bank of switches out of the F-Type. The car would go forwards, engineered in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering. But anyway, the rear e-motor alone makes more torque than the engine at its 6,rpm peak value. One of these prototypes was also featured in the James Bond film, Spectre.

    Concept Car | Jaguar C-X75 | Most advanced Jaguar created

    The Jaguar C-X75 supercar. A marque once again looking to take a guiding hand in the development of the state of the automotive art. Something of a renaissance, in other words. Five working prototypes exist, and there are no plans to make more. In supercar terms, the C-X75 moved from apparently fanciful show car to fully operational validation prototype very quickly — and changed quite a lot on route.

    Those who last read about this car after its unveiling as a concept at the Paris motor show of will be wondering where its tiny jet turbine power generators have gone. What was decided, in May , was that the buzz surrounding the C-X75 concept car was too great to ignore.

    The car would go forwards, engineered in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering. And it needed to look like the original show car. The C-X75 had to push the envelope in opposing directions simultaneously , on performance and fuel efficiency. Fitted with both a supercharger and a turbocharger, it produces unbelievable power for its size: They also only weigh 20kg, making them more efficient, judged on output per kg, than any electric motor Jaguar could buy in.

    The one up front drives the wheels directly through reduction gearing; the one at the rear runs in parallel with the engine, sending power through a seven-speed automated manual gearbox to the rear wheels. And so, running at full chat, the C-X75 produces in excess of bhp, and has lb ft of torque.

    You could fill textbooks explaining the innovative engineering in this car. Every major mechanical and electrical component is positioned within the wheelbase, with the exception of the seven-speed gearbox — which goes in sideways to minimise the overhang behind the rear axle. Both, by the way, are surrounded by a carbon fibre engine bay that, in places, would begin to unbake itself at degrees or so. In the pouring rain at its Gaydon UK headquarters, Jaguar gave us limited opportunity to get familiar with its technical prodigy.

    Some passenger laps on the twisty inner handling circuit suggested the C-X75 has supremely manageable limit handling for a supercar. And you know what he means.

    The car does skids. In electric mode, the performance level feels strong — if limited. My turn at the wheel. Engaging full-fat hybrid mode and moving off, that inline four suddenly announces itself. Might as well flatten it then. At rpm the barp of exhaust begins to emerge over all that chatter. At rpm, the engine finally seems fully awake and starts to really howl.

    Perhaps this Jaguar is an old-school supercar after all. After several full-power blasts, a picture emerges. Even in the rain, the C-X75 feels every bit as fast as they say it is — up to a point. Up to about mph, to be precise - to the top of fourth gear, until which point it could probably run with a Veyron.

    At least very close to one. Driving the car leaves you with the impression that the C-X75 projec t has probably ended up exactly where it should be, because would supercar owners understand that, to appreciate their new million-pound car, they have to stand back and see the bigger picture? How many Veyron owners know how much CO2 their car emits? The company might have been braver. Because, while it may not quite be the fastest car in the world, the C-X75 is still a modern, daring kind of machine.

    Jaguar C-X75 SOUND - Accelerations and Driving Scenes

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