2005 jaguar x type reliability

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  • There are 25 reviews for the Jaguar X-Type, click through to see what your fellow consumers are saying.

    Jaguar X-TYPE Reviews: Read 11 candid owner reviews for the Jaguar X-TYPE. Get the real truth from owners like you.

    21 Jaguar X-Type owners reviewed the Jaguar X-Type with a rating of overall Jaguar X-Type Reviews · Jaguar X-Type Reviews · Jaguar.

    The "J-Gate" shifter is unique, but then, Jags have always been unique! Our Take on the Jaguar X-Type Jaguar's decision to bring a wagon to market rather than a beefy, gas-guzzling SUV might have had nothing to do with the threat of rising gasoline prices. What should I look for in a used Jaguar X-Type saloon? But not as good as a petrol. It's silly what that car will go through!

    Jaguar X-Type | Pricing, Ratings & Reviews | Kelley Blue Book

    Very comfortable and lots of power to spare! It may get expensive to repair if it is not maintained regularly. Jag — With custom mods in 5 secs, AWD grips in any condition Nothing beets luxury of jaguar, even to simple wood trim Exterior as any other classics jag except has modern feel and performance Maintenance is something which is hassle, yet if you are knowledgeable about cars then its a breeze save alot on DIYs.

    Price of parts with a Jaguar stamp on the box. Felt as solid and well built as any German marque and had the big cat kudos despite being a Mondeo really. Refined and had excellent road manners. Servicing was reasonable but I had the 19" wheels on Sport Premium package and the tyres were expensive to replace.

    The only down side to it is the Jag — Performance is ok to be a diesel engine. But not as good as a petrol. Cheap to buy, drive and maintain. Fun car to drive, just perfect in the corners and drives like a RWD. The build quality is very good and after forty two thousand miles it still does not have any interior rattles which is suprising.

    It is good on fuel and if driven sensibly i can go to london and back twice on one tank of fuel, which is about six hundred miles on about sixty five pounds of diesel.

    The performance of the car is great. It handles well in the wet weather and of course in the dry because of its all wheel drive. The sound system is a factory installed Alpine system that blows the doors out with any sort of music.

    The trunk space is amazing for such a small car and could easily fit a bag of golf clubs or a Marshall head with a single cab. The looks this car gets range from envy to awe. This X model is different from standard models because it sports a spoiler on the rear of the car on the trunk lid and a low profile body kit on the front of the car. This gives the X-Type a race car look to go with its race car performance. With most sports cars, back seats are as rare as front row tickets to a Rolling Stones show.

    This sports car "sports" a back seat that actually has leg room for someone over 3 feet tall. In other words, if you have a tall client and the front seat is being taken by your coworker, the client will relax in comfort in the back. My only complaint is the front valence of the car. Anything that has a rise over 3 or 4 inches off of the ground will cause severe damage to the valence.

    The one on mine has been replace twice. Words to the weary, take bumps slow if you can or avoid potential valence hazards all together. Fun to drive, all wheel drive, Alpine sound system, back seats with leg room. Low valence, suede isnt easy to clean, bumpy ride at times. Nice While New — I loved the looks of it, interior was okay, nice entry level sedan, nice to have AWD but would not want to own out of warranty.

    First dealer was very rude and dismissive, but I finally got one that would listen and they found the problem. Then the headlights leaked, then the leather got discolored, then the sunroof broke, etc etc. This Car Was A Stunner — although it didn't have a lot of headroom, this car was really comfortable. I like the way these cars look and the interior is really plush.

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