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  • Chevy Volt EPA Ratings: Mile Electric Range, 42 MPG On Gas
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  • Chevrolet Volt, Catskill Mountains, NY, Dec We received the car with an indicated battery range of 38 miles, though we actually.

    The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid has been rated by the EPA at 53 miles of electric range, a nice boost on Chevy's earlier promise of "at least 50 miles." The EPA also rates the Volt at 42 mpg combined when the engine is running, and Miles Per Gallon Equivalent.

    The Chevrolet Volt is all-new, but what exactly has changed? instead of a kWh battery pack, which is designed to improve the car's all-electric range.

    The low resale values of plug-in vehicles is covered nicely in a few articles. Last month, we were able to spend four weekend days with a Chevrolet Volt, to get a sense for what it's like to live with every day--especially in cold weather. One significant improvement that enabled the pounds of savings in the drive unit was the capability to use both motors as either motor or generator, at any time, whether in EV or range-extending mode. Displaying those items in a breakout of the "MPG" number, would let drivers more easily understand and track overall energy usage between electricity and gasoline. Read our Cookie Policy.

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    Does the Chevrolet Volt really matter when gas prices are low? If pickup sales are any indication, no. But I will say this: Or even the second or third thing. I had a kind of wake-up moment here recently in the new Malibu , and I hear the new Cruze carries the ball forward, as well. And that side is greater freedom at the pump.

    Even assuming gas prices tick upward, it will still be a lot of miles before you start seeing a payoff. Yeah, Graham hit the important, philosophical stuff, and pretty much nailed it. This is a good car all around, green cred aside. The weight down low makes it a great corner taker -- one of our friends actually autocrosses his Chevy also did a spectacular job with the brakes, somehow taking out almost all of the regenerative feel. And the flappy paddle on the wheel, which in this case is a hand brake, works great.

    I was playing a little game where I try to pick the exact point to grab it so I stop right at the light, or stop sign, or whatever. This Volt looks better, it performs better and it costs the same as the previous model -- hard to argue with that. Turn on JavaScript from your settings to fully experience the site. Game changer changes the game again Chevy's range-extended EV gets a boost in range and comfort June 3, Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email. It might look too normal.

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    2016 Chevy Volt - the ultimate commuting machine

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