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  • New to iDrive 6 and have iPhone 6s with current version iOS BMW messages is before that one, but you have to keep scrolling down.

    My question is this: Is it possible to have incoming text messages, using the stock iPhone iMessage application, show up on the iDrive screen?.

    Text Messages in iDrive G30 ( - Current) iDrive screen to display any text messages. I'm using an iPhone 6 and iDrive v6 in a i.

    Find all threads started by BobRBob. Is it possible to have incoming text messages, using the stock iPhone iMessage application, show up on the iDrive screen? In general what role does your phone play when it is connected to the car via bluetooth vs usb vs carplay? First Bimmer - Z3 M.

    Text Messages iDrive 6

    Text Message Not Working. I bought a i recently. I can't get incoming text messages from my iPhone 6 to display on the iDrive. It has BMW connect and the office option. I also turned on notification under iPhone's bluetooth menu. I can receive GPS routes from my phone though. Not really sure what's going Last edited by niusiqi; at I have similar issues, Have BMW Office, Set my settings to receive text messages, and ive set my phone to allow messages to be forwarded.

    I do not receive texts either. Looking for anyone who can chime in. Originally Posted by niusiqi. I've tried everything and pretty much gave up. The feature sucks anyways I get texts on my '13 from my iPhone 6 since the day I got it.

    But for some reason I cannot get text messages on the wife's '15 X5. The X5 has Office and Connected Drive. This thread just made me more curious so I did a VIN decode comparison and found the X5 was missing a few options the has: It's a hit and miss for me. Sometimes I just suddenly have text messages coming thru the idrive, then nothing for a few weeks. No email coming thru though. Did you all check your message notification settings? It should be the "Alert" style. Originally Posted by MikeRR.

    When you spend that much on a car it is stupid to talk about needs - nobody "needs" a 4 Series. Originally Posted by Shazsta. Originally Posted by Meast. Does your car have the smart phone integration option, with the cradle, as well as navigation? Check in your phone to be sure "Show notifications" is on in the Bluetooth section, and be sure the car Bluetooth configuration is set for office, for both the car and the device. As a side note to anyone else who sporadically gets text messages, if you have the text message open on your phone it won't show in the car.

    It only shows the newest unread messages. Neither texts or e-mails go through to my car. You should receive your text message with this on. Email notifications has never worked for me. I don't have the Enhanced Bluetooth option. First Bimmer - Z3 M. Find More Posts by RoarinRow. Originally Posted by RoarinRow. It's always good to delete the pairing on the phone and in iDrive and re-do it if you are having problems.

    It also helps to reset your iPhone and iDrive. You can't Send messages through the iDrive interface. I have never gotten email notification to work. Supposedly you need to configure notifications in the same way AND ensure that you kill the mail app before your phone connects to iDrive.

    But I've still never gotten it to work. There is or was an app that would do this for you, but you have to jailbreak your phone. BTW, both messaging and email works better on Android, which I also have working. The best is Blackberry, but who has those anymore??

    If you have a Windows Phone Originally Posted by Fronzdan. Ok, So with iPhone - here is what you should do to get it to work. When you get in your car, and the phone pairs with Bluetooth. Make sure you go into the Bluetooth settings in the car and enable for messages, audio, etc. Then on your iPhone, you need to go into notifications, change the notification on your email from banner to alert, or alert to banner. So once you do that, you "should" see the email in text format in the message screen of the office menu.

    It's not automatic - it stops working once you get out the car. Now for the text messages - like imessage and txt msg that works all the time as long as you have the Bluetooth enabled to support messages. I've been using this for about 2 years now, and like I said it works, but it's a pain in the butt to remember to do this every time you get in the car.. I usually only do it for long drives when I know I can't look at my phone each time an email shows up.

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