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  • BMW SR Sport. The cc, valve powerplant is mechanically unchanged but intake mods and a new exhaust with titanium.

    The BMW S R was on the receiving end of a facelift ahead of the model year, and it carries that enhanced package right on into MY BMW’s liter-sized naked roadster rolls with a new frame, increased engine output and Euro 4 emissions compliance. Continue reading for.

    Already an amazing naked, the BMW S R was further revised for with more horsepower, lighter weight, revised styling and.

    It also has a neat titanium Akrapovic silencer. The four bikes on our Tasmanian test loop: Further development of the engine has included an optimised intake and exhaust sound. In the traditional BMW Motorsport colors of Light White non-metallic, Lupine Blue metallic and Racing Red non-metallic, the new S R combines its athletic genes with a dash of distinctive refinement, giving it a light and agile look. Finally, a slightly lighter main frame reduces weight by 6.

    We ride the new BMW SR Sport | MCN

    The update to this super-naked streetbike is far and away the craziest machine in the BMW stable. And with active suspension, cruise control, cornering ABS and a ton of other gadgetry, it's also got a claim on being the smartest nakedbike in its category.

    Loz Blain dons the leathers and rides the awesome SR. That thing blew me away when I rode it in , so I was super keen to take the update out for a spin at the Australian media launch in Tasmania. The cc inline-four engine, adapted from the SRR superbike block, is now Euro 4-compliant. In the process it's gained a thoroughly unnecessary extra five horsepower, taking the total peak to hp kW. I say unnecessary because, thanks to gearing and throttle response, the old bike already felt massively faster on the road than the RR superbike.

    It was already downright bonkers. Weight is down 2 kg to kg lb , and that's ready to roll with a full Most of the weight reduction is, believe it or not, in the exhaust. The standard exhaust is now a titanium Akrapovic HP unit, which looks terrific, sounds pretty good for a legal can, and effectively saves you a ton of money on something aftermarket.

    The quickshifter, which used to be an option, is now standard, and it goes both ways, with an aggressive auto-blip on downshifts. The cast aluminum frame has been updated with a lighter rear section, and design-wise it's lost a fair bit of plastic to become significantly naked-er than the old model. Now, I still don't think this is a good-looking motorcycle, because the headlight unit is still too bulbous and ugly for my tastes. But I'm on board with everything astern of that; it certainly looks a ton better than the old model, and I could live with the red and weird grey color options.

    I think we're all best off pretending the white one doesn't exist. It looks like something from the Honda learner bike range and BMW has priced it higher than the others, presumably to scare off any poor blind fool who thinks it might be a good idea.

    The SR now comes in two models in Australia: BMW's DDC active electronic suspension system, for starters, as well as a lean angle-sensitive upgrade to the ABS system, plus launch control and a pit lane speed limiter. There's also heated grips and cruise control, which might not fit most people's definition of "sport" but I'm in love with both. All in all, it's not an earth-shakingly huge update, but it's a significant one and a step forward from what was already an absolute monster of a thing to ride.

    And speaking of riding, let's get our heads out of the spec sheet and see how this thing goes in the real world. Mind you, it's hardly fair to call Tasmania the real world. It's a slice of motorcycling paradise tucked away off the south coast of the Australian mainland and battered with awful Antarctic weather for two thirds of the year.

    But in the dry window it offers flat-out unbelievable riding roads that wind through mountains, valleys, rainforests and desert ridges — as well as a famously throttle-friendly approach to speed enforcement. Perfect for bike testing, then, and when I finally get off the SRR superbike and throw a leg over the R, it immediately feels like home.

    I love the riding position. For my frame just under 6 ft, lots of Xs in front of the L it's a great blend of comfort and aggression that lets you cruise around in a stress-free fashion, or get the old Angry Elbows out and switch into attack mode.

    2017 BMW S1000R Real Life Test. In-depth Review

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