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  • The BMW Mi exhibits the kind of focus that one used to take for granted in a BMW. Read more at 10Best Cars: BMW Mi . Reviews · Feb

    The Mi Coupe is one of the high points of the entire BMW range. It isn't billed as a full M-car – instead, it's part of BMW's new M Performance range, which is.

    Jun 26, Here's an idea: Have a summer fling. Have it with the BMW Mi Coupe. It will be very refreshing. Lord knows you deserve it. I like the.

    The Mi has future classic stamped all over it. From the to the E21, E30, E36, and to some extent E46 3 Series, they were always practical, three-box sedans that just happened to drive better than any of their competitors, and as well as many much-more-expensive sports cars. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login Ok. But it also means that, outside of the stuff that contributes to the driving experience, the Mi does have its flaws. What a truly hideous looking thing.

    BMW Mi manual first drive

    Actually, make that the past, because a man with a truck has just arrived to reclaim the car and spoil our day. It would for me. There are hardly any other compact rear-drive coupes on sale with genuine room for four and grade performance.

    One of those is the new M4 , but having driven a stack of miles in both, I actually found myself preferring the Mi for its wieldy size and more honest if still fake sound. Like adaptive systems from other manufacturers this kit uses a camera to detect cars ahead, and adjusts the light pattern to suit. The feeling is much like when we first tried xenons 15 years ago: We never did get around to adding the available limited-slip diff, a dealer-fit option, and for most buyers there would be no need.

    In the dry, traction was so good you half expected the tarmac to bunch up behind you every time you deployed all horses groundward. I did a lot of deploying. Hard to resist it with an engine this sweet, this powerful and this good on juice. The trip computer rarely showed less than 30mpg, and our usually more accurate fuel book entries backed it up.

    In fact its closest rivals are probably super-hot hatches, although only one is rear-wheel drive. Both wear M badges, though only one is the real deal.

    But is it the better deal? Red light, green light, right foot punching for daylight. By the time I hook third in the Mi though, the M4 is pulling cleanly away, its modest 42kg penalty overcome by an additional bhp. The M4 is prettier, but sounds ugly. And I could put a spotless E12 Mi in the garage alongside the Mi for that.

    Job one was taking art director Matt Tarrant and clobber on a trip to Cornwall. Newcomers are often stunned by how useful the Mi is. Many seem to expect it to be a glorified two-seater, like a TT or Peugeot RCZ, when in fact it has four proper seats and a massive boot all contained in a package barely 70mm longer than a Porsche Cayman.

    Tarrant needed to add a litre of oil, but otherwise the Mi has been incredibly cheap to run. I must be slipping. Or not slipping enough. Ten or 20 years ago, there would have been no competition — a Golf versus an M car? I would have taken the hardcore, bare-chested, rear-wheel-drive Beemer every time, and laughed in the face of the front-drive shopping trolley, as my hellish burnout spat tyre marbles at its windscreen.

    Our GTI still gets admired wherever it goes. The seats too, when you get in: Undeniably, on the move, the BMW has got the best engine — what an engine.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes. Ugliness on the other hand, is in the eye of the one who be holding the keys. And that be me. You see, I think the Mi is a brilliant little car. I love almost everything about it — except the way it looks. That the boring back end seems to have been cribbed from a Toyota Avensis, perhaps? Top of the list has to be the 19in wheels, which fill the arches so much better than the standard 18s.

    2014 BMW M235i: More Than Just The Bargain M? - Ignition Ep. 106

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