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  • May 10, The first time a BMW was transformed into a work of art was Alexander Calder was inspired by the French auctioneer and racing driver.

    "When everything is perfect, there is no fulfilment." The BMW CSL, with which Alexander Calder laid the foundation stone for the Art Car Collection in

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    Oct 11, What it's like to take an exclusive ride in a BMW art car CSL, the very first BMW art car, designed by the artist Alexander Calder in

    Are you a business user? Considered as one of the most successful concept artist in a world, Koons is widely known for his reproductions of seemingly banal objects. Sandro Chia is an Italian painter and sculptor, and a major artist of the movement in Italian figurative, Neo-Expressionist painting known as the Transavanguardia, who, as a child, actually drew graffiti on cars! When looked at more closely it reveals a picture of passing scenery in which both the car and its movement are merged into one.

    BMW Art Car - Wikipedia

    The first automobile, which entered the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race, was designed in and after almost forty years of success, the collection is still continually being expanded with new and striking pieces of an extremely high artistic level.

    His rendition of this race car boasts powerful combination of differing primary colors and attractive curving expanses through broad swatches of color he applied generously to the wings, hood and roof. In Frank Stella, an American painter, printmaker and a passionate car racing fan was commissioned to create the second BMW Art Car for the Le Mans race, which generated immense anticipation.

    As a reward for his art car Stella received a two year lease on a BMW, which gave him a taste for speed and racing. One of fastest moving pieces of art and arguably one of the most popular of all the Art Cars is this BMW i Roy Lichtenstein transformed in , combining its bodywork aerodynamics with the recognizable comic strip aesthetics of his art.

    When looked at more closely it reveals a picture of passing scenery in which both the car and its movement are merged into one.

    Covered in lucid finger and brush strokes of vibrant colors blurred together, this dashing mobile canvas portrays a sense of high speed, making the car to appear like it is speeding on the road while standing still. His amazingly decorated BMW CSi was the first serial production car to be included in the collection and the first one created by an European artist.

    His BMW was not different. The result is an astonishing artistic transformation of a car turned into a drivable museum. Nelson is an acclaimed indigenous Australian painter from Papunya, a small, restricted community of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, praised for his traditional method of painting. As a stark contrast to the cutting edge technology used in the production of M3, a model from the Motorsport section of BMW Australia, on his Art Car Nelson employed his wonderful ancient Papunya style to paint a dreamy mosaic of diverse sand picture shapes and forms representing landscapes, animals and people of his mystical homeland.

    For his artistic transformation of a BMW M3 racing car Done created an exotic Art Car inspired by the visual beauty of modern Australia, full of life, vitality and joy. Matazo Kayama was a Japanese painter who employed a mixed technique to create his captivating paintings, which appear both like paintings and photographs. For his take on the Art Car, created in , he was presented with a new canvas in the form of BMW i. Using different techniques of airbrushing, metal cutting Kirigane and foil printing Arare , Matazo Kayama produced an extraordinarily elegant Art Car and an impressive artwork which reflects his timeless aesthetics.

    Cesar Manrique created an eye-catching artwork on wheels which employs glowing, almost living colors and broad, sweeping strokes blending into the outlines of this magnificent vehicle which, ironically, was never seen on the motor way. AR Penck Ralf Winkler is a German painter, printmaker and sculptor who received worldwide recognition for his paintings with pictographic, neo-primitivist imagery of human figures and other totemic forms.

    For his BMW Z1 Art Car AR Penck drew inspiration from the artists like Picasso and Rembrandt, and the technical design of the car itself, regarding it as a work of art even before he began to work on it. Contrasting this phantastic masterpiece of engineering and design with prehistoric cave paintings, abstract symbols, and his legendary stick figures, AR Penck created an unique and mind-boggling Art Car which appears like a cipher that needs to be decoded.

    BMW 3CSL // Alexander Calder // FLAT RAYS

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