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  • Another radical departure for Hyundai that is surely leaving the competition scratching its head over how to keep up, the i40 is an elegant and classy large estate.

    Read the definitive Hyundai i40 Tourer review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with.

    The Hyundai i40 Tourer is a medium-sized estate car aimed at families and company-car drivers, with neat styling and low running costs”.

    If there aren't similar discounts on the i40 then walk away. The i40 feels substantial around town, riding with a fairly flat body and allowing surface imperfections to be heard more than felt. Wait until Hyundai's next generation and they may well be a major player in Europe. But pick of the bunch has to be the Octavia estate 2. Instead, it just feels sticky and overtly weighty.

    Hyundai i40 Tourer Review - Car News, Reviews & Buyers Guides

    Certainly, the i40 Tourer looks the part. See it next to an i30 estate and it looks much more dynamic, showing just how far Hyundai has come even in the past three years. The door pulls and door-skin plastics are harder than the dashboard plastic common practice but something I can never quite fathom , while dashboard switches and column stalks are on the shiny side.

    The Mondeo, Passat and Peugeot are still ahead of the i40 here. The gearshift is fairly slick and throttle response is fine. It feels to me like they went for the more mature of the two settings. The i40 feels substantial around town, riding with a fairly flat body and allowing surface imperfections to be heard more than felt. The steering is a touch odd, though — heavier than it needs to be. Presumably this is to give the i40 a premium feel. Instead, it just feels sticky and overtly weighty.

    It robs the i40 of any dynamic feel. This is supposed to give a feeling of straight-line stability. To an extent it does, but a more overriding feeling is one of deadness and woodenness.

    I can see why Hyundai are so successful these days with great cars like this. Its probably the most stylish car in its class and it seems up there dynamically too. The competition need to up their game it would seem.

    Completely agree with Flash Harry, above. This car will sell brilliantly - on looks alone. It gives you that "feel good" feeling, which is absent from most of its competition, including Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford.

    It's good to see manufacturers like Hyundai and Skoda coming up in the world. I have never owned either make but won't hesitate to take them seriously next time I purchase a new vehicle. I just hope Hyundai are careful with what they do from here on in. With products prior to the i40 they seemed to be on the path of producing good, honest cars which gave near to class leading ability and desirability without the being pretentious. This car, to me, appears to be taking a slightly different route.

    It is well know that Hyundai want customers to see their products as "quality for everyone" but it seems that in doing this the engineers have been taken out of thier comfort zone.

    The rest of the car appear to be very good though. A nice balance of wheel to body size in other words they look just about right on this car and the interior looks to be interesting without getting Ford style fussy. If they get their leasing prices right because that is where the biggest market for this car is going to be then they will be on to winner. It is competitive with potential rivals, but it doesn't set new standards in any important area, aside from value perhaps. I think the crucial difference between i30 and i40 is that the i30 was specifically designed for europe and is built in europe for the europeans.

    The i40 is a bit of a world car like the new Focus and suffers because of it like the new Focus , trying to be all things to all continents. IMO Hyundai should be congratulated on the massive improvements it has made in such a short space of time, its still not perfect or class leading, but it is also no longer seen as just cheap and cheerful transport for those on a very tight budget. If the mainstream manufacturers had managed to make such improvements in the same sort of time frame and keep the prices in check, we would all be driving around in Fords or Vauxhalls with a better "perceived" quality than BMW, Audi or Mercedes.

    Hyundai i40 Tourer estate review - CarBuyer

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