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  • Subaru obviously would do a good job, but I expect they will be a bit pricier . Anyway, cost which included repairs to the cooling system (new.

    Finally a permanent fix for Subaru Head gasket repairs. time, we advise performing a major service as this will mean a considerable saving in labour costs. the engine with a rebuilt or remanufactured engine from Subaru Engines Australia.

    Average repair cost on head gasket leak - '01 Subaru Forester, K orig. miles, AWD body in exc. shape. Is it worth fixing?.

    Pretty much replace anything that requires the removal on the engine or trans, in the case of the rear main. Would definitely get the gasket replaced as soon as they require it. The formula we recommend for deciding whether or not your car is worth fixing is simple: Offer Type Offering If you have changed your oil regularly, kept up with maintenance and any other mechanical issues that puts your first check mark in the pro column.

    Subaru Forester Questions - Average repair cost on head gasket leak - CarGurus

    Asked by glfngrl Jul 13, at Is it worth fixing? Js answered 4 years ago. That's about what my supervisor paid, at the dealer to have his done, two years ago. Personally, on a 13 year old vehicle with , miles on it, I wouldn't fix it.

    Nick answered 4 years ago. If you go through the dealer it's going to be more expensive than a private shop. If the work is done right there's no reason not to have it done, you can expect many more years and miles out of that Subaru if you take care of it.

    Chris answered 4 years ago. On top of what Nick just said, You should go ahead and have the oil pump resealed or replaced, water pump replaced, timing belt and gears complete replaced probably replace the tensioner as well - the interval is k miles for the timing belt.

    And replace as many of those oil seals as possible, cam if present? I've read to leave the rear seal alone if it is okay but that you'd have to verify. Good luck and I hope you repair it and enjoy your forester for a while longer.

    Cindy answered 3 years ago. Just had my head gasket replaced on my '00 which only has 80K miles on it due to my mother-in-law hardly driving it at all before she couldn't drive it at all due to dementia.

    Radiator was losing fluid and almost went dry on us, so it was def time. When the engine gets hot it still stinks like burning oil, possibly due to all the stuff they had to drain out of it getting all over. Considered using engine cleaner on the advice of a friend who said she'd do it for me!

    Anyone have experience with this? Chris answered 3 years ago. I'm not sure how long til that oil will burn off or if it ever will. Meineke has decent overhead to pay for and depending on what all was done, I'd say that's probably a decent price. How long of a warranty do they give for the job they did? MoBevan answered 3 years ago.

    Get the six star or other MLS gasket or risk doing the same job a couple of years down the road. Yes, it is worth it! The symmetrical AWD system the Subaru is second to none. I did this with engine in car - a little cramped on the sides but doable.

    From Subaru had problems with the head gaskets. So they made the gaskets biodegradable. When they replace them they obviously use steel now so that will last. Would definitely get the gasket replaced as soon as they require it. If you have that option would recommend it. QuigleyJR answered 2 years ago. My Subaru Forester has a weeping head gasket. This seem to be too high of a charge by a Grand. Live in Puyallup, WA. Chris answered 2 years ago. There are also price differences per region.

    Subaru Engine Head Gasket Repair Vancouver

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