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  • MV Agusta have updated the Brutale for , sacrificing some power due to Euro 4 compliance but more than delivering with extra torque.

    Meet the stonkingly brilliant MV Agusta Brutale The virtually all new-for- three-cylinder cc machine sits proud, its chest puffed out, like a father.

    Starting price (€). *. launch experience. Brutale is available in Fire Red & Night Grey, Ice Grey & Aviation Grey, Intense Sky Blue & Night Grey.

    Straight on, the Brutale looks like a disco-passionate dragon ready to feast on the meat and bones of its crisped victim. You soon realise this gains you nothing, as the meat of the power is delivered earlier. To reduce NOx emissions NOx being the gases produced from the reaction between nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrocarbons during the combustion process , the compression ratio was drastically reduced from the previous MV Agusta has lifted the covers off it's latest model, the Turismo Veloce

    First Ride: MV Agusta Brutale | MCN

    But the overhaul of the middleweight roadster has created a naked that works properly, and behaves in a manner befitting of the category — not just like a Supersport bike deprived of plastics.

    The old Brutale is closely related to the cleverly designed and potent F3 Not a bad start in life, but the demands of a naked likely to be used on the road are different from that of an elbow-scraping track weapon. New intake and exhaust cams and pistons, as well as the new Euro 4-friendly exhaust, are responsible for shifting the power around.

    For a start, it has proper throttle response. At least throttle inputs ellicit an appropriate and predictable response now. New algorithms in the same hardware have improved things greatly, and what you ask for at the throttle potentiometer is more or less what you get from the throttle bodies.

    It makes enjoying the midrange-centric power delivery as fuss-free as it should be. The Spanish launch took PB from Malaga to Ronda, with relentless bends from mph, and the MV only required the odd change between third and fourth to get up the road quickly, easily and enjoyably. It takes a little time to adjust and not overrev it — the light crank and sharp response fooled my brain into riding it like a , changing down to have it at rpm ready to drive out of bends.

    You soon realise this gains you nothing, as the meat of the power is delivered earlier. Hold a gear instead, and use that rpm thrust to drive hard from decent lean towards the next corner.

    Sporty, but not aggressive. One thing at a time, eh? The electronic rider aids offer similar refinement, too. Deliberate handfuls provoked brief, effective intervention. The traction control confounds a little — set on maximum, it only arrested drive after it spun and slipped on a dusty first-gear hairpin, and even allowed power wheelies.

    A greater span of intervention to suit more people would be better, especially given that MV wants this bike to be accessible to more riders. The Monster feels a bit cut-price, a bit basic, and has fairly compromised ground clearance and no space to tuck your feet away. Small changes to the suspension have been made, too, including an increase in negative rear shock travel, so the rear tyre stays on the floor under hard braking.

    The bars are too straight, for a start. Look at any naked bike, and the bars sweep back from the yokes a touch to spread pressure evenly across your palm. The Brutale bar bend is too shallow, and after a while the edge of your palm aches. I also suspect the suspension will be too harsh on British roads. Our test route flattered the taut damping, but a couple of broken road joins gave me sharp kick in the coccyx.

    Plus, the mirrors suck. The potential is there, it just needs to be delivered on. Seller says "Very low mileage, as new MV Agusta, absolutely gorgeous, as clean as when it left the Another day, another new bike launch!

    MC Commute - 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800

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