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  • Extreme Honda Civic makes race debut in STCC - Racecar Engineering
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  • series features cars powered by the sporty Fit engine. More · small red car Join Honda Racing Line. Racing Line members get factory support and direct.

    Honda has a new car for the British Touring Car Championship; we lift the lid on its engineering secrets.

    Honda announced Thursday that its Performance Development wing now sells race-ready versions of its Civic Type R hot hatchback to North.

    Add your comment Log in or register to post comments. Honda staggers releasing the cars away from the start to make sure that they cross the finish at nearly the same time. Ah well, it pays for the racing. Its performance holds up to this day.

    Honda Performance All-Stars: 14 of Honda's Hottest Cars

    At first glance it may not be obvious but Honda has introduced a new model for the Super GT season. From it had based its GT car on the NSX concept car which had appeared at a number of motorshows at that point. For however with the definitive NSX production car on sale, the GT car is based on that model instead. This is because the Honda is a mid engined car while all of the rest are front engined.

    As a result of this a special variant of the DTM chassis was developed for the NSX to allow for the the mid engined layout. DTM shares its basic design with the GT mother chassis, though there are some differences, compare the GT version in Honda mid engined trim — below with the DTM Spec tub above The monocoque sits mm further forwards than in the other cars, and that creates a clash with the front wheels when steered, so the lower part of the leading edge of the monocoque is slightly narrower than the standard DTM design.

    As a mid engined car the NSX also has to carry handicap weight, in this was 29kg. The engine is mounted very low and far forward in the NSX, right up against the firewall, and is almost impossible to see unless you are stood almost in contact with the car when the bodywork is removed.

    A look under the front bodywork of the NSX, with no engine located in this area the cooling layout and front suspension layout differs notably to that of the front engined cars, though Honda is force to use the same dampers as this is still a control part. Cooling was originally a problem for the NSX Concept-GT though that was largely revised during over the last three seasons. Intercooler position was key to the engine performance but with the cooler mounted behind the firewall air had to be ducted right through the car to the rear — something which remains on the NSX-GT.

    Large cooling ducts feature on either side of the car. Just at the end of its third era of Formula 1 activity Honda built a full scale wind tunnel for its F1 programme pictured here but it was never used to develop the Grand Prix cars as Honda had quit by the time the tunnel came on stream.

    Honda abandoned the system ahead of the season, and hybrids have since been banned from GT In the early phases of development the two project even shared a monocylinder test bench, and had very similar combustion shapes.

    However due to the two projects running on different types of fuel Super GT teams must buy their fuel from the pumps in the paddock the projects diverged. Rumour has it that at one point the HRE was run on the dyno with the Esso F1 fuel developed for the RAH F1 power unit, and the four cylinder engine produced more power than the V6. Details of how the engine differs have yet to be disclosed but in pre season testing the HRE seemed to perform better than its predecessor.

    The side panels of the NSX-GT were predictably redesigned between the roll out of the car above and the final race spec below appearing at Okayama. Note the location and number of the winglets on both designs. Using the expertise of industry professionals, we look in detail at racecar design and innovation, whilst also keeping you up to date with news and developments from all the major race series across the globe.

    World's Greatest Drag Race! Modified Edition – Modified Ep. 7

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