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  • Item: JDM Honda Prelude BB1 BB4 OEM Yellow Fog Lights with Brackets. No warranty for the used bulb(s) included in our head lights, corner lights, fog lights, .

    - Honda Prelude 4th generation BB4 (lightweight) H22A | See more ideas about Honda prelude, Old cars and Classic Cars.

    Catalogue of Honda Prelude 4th generation (BA8-BA9-BB1-BB4) models, production years and versions in automobile-catalog.

    The sixth-generation Civic Si coupe has also gained a reputation in its own right and was considerably less expensive than the Prelude. On the street Ice Sorsongsermkul's Mazda RX-7 is a cruise missile; low slung, aerodynamic, and pumping plenty of power from its rotary heart. The Prelude was used by Honda to introduce the Japanese Honda retail sales chain Honda Verno , with the international release of the model following shortly after. The European lineup originally consisted of the base Prelude, without power steering, and the well-equipped EX which was also available with an automatic transmission and the A.

    radracerblog: Honda Prelude bb4 | Projects to try | Pinterest | Honda prelude, Honda and Cars

    Automakers have cultured themselves quite the crop of enthusiasts, haven't they? Regardless of whether it's gifted gamer turned simulator sensation Glenn McGee receiving the chance of a lifetime to become a pro driver for Mazda, or enthusiasts modding their rides to match a Need for Speed winner, video games remain a massive marketing tool. Possibilities are only hampered by a lack of creativity and time in a digital world, so when shitty weather leaves the youth stuck in front of the tube, you end up like Cody Hudson here.

    It was '03, and Need for Speed Underground was the hottest damn thing for your console. This was all it took to pique the year-old boy's interest in imports, and when his big brother bought an Integra GS-R a couple years later and started taking his younger sibling out to local car meets, Cody was hooked. Witnessing the car scene firsthand in all of its glory at a tender age will transform anyone with an inkling of interest, so by the time he was 15, the boy had a very realistic grasp of what the end game looked like.

    Fortunately, by that point Cody had already kicked his "ricer craze" to the curb, and after taking delivery of two vending machines that his parents had decided to toss, he was able to garner enough green for his first Prelude VTEC.

    To this day, Cody's reason for the purchase remains an incredibly simple one. But Cody didn't know squat about the chassis. So much so, that when he first rolled up to look at the car, he took one look at a CD5 Accord in the driveway and said, "Meh, that's not really my kind of ride. Care to look at the Prelude? This obviously jump-started quite the conversation, which was more than likely laced with a mumbled apology here and there, along with a dabble of nervous laughter from the pubescent noob.

    Cody's dad was originally from Detroit and had quite the penchant for muscle cars, but instead of ridiculing his son for taking such a liking to Japanese automobiles, he fostered the lad's love for the 'Lude. Eventually, the dynamic duo had gotten to the point where cleaning, suspension swaps, engine fixes, rust removal, and the procurement of a second Prelude courtesy of a friend in Florida had left them wondering what was next.

    Once the donor chassis landed, Cody and his father decided it was high time to shave the bay. After reading a deluge of Honda threads, they proceeded to give the vehicle a quick wet shave.

    One thing eventually led to another and before long, the damn thing had received a full-blown Brazilian wax job. Cody was just 16 at the time and was already well on his way to creating a car for the keeping.

    After a while, the vehicle ended up in a body shop for some fine-tuning, and being that Cody was barely 17 at the time and eager to learn, the decision to land an internship seemed to be a wise decision. During the day, it was grunt labor and working on anything that rolled through the bay doors, all while following the lead of the shop veterans after hours, as everything from body panels to bumpers were inspected and resurfaced.

    After months of toil and hard-earned dollars well spent, the chassis received a proper coat of paint the day before Cody's 18th birthday. No sooner was the car sprayed that the teenage Honda fan found himself uprooted from midwestern Ohio and transplanted into the bosomy hills of South Carolina, where many of the finishing touches to the build were completed.

    Static Honda Prelude

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