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  • For , we're introducing an all-new Honda Monkey. practical urban transport, a great back-of-the-motorhome bike, and just plain too much fun to pass by.

    Honda's original Z50 “Monkey Bike” debuted in , and tens of thousands of people learned to ride on them. Kids loved the Z50 (and the.

    Read about the new Honda Monkey bike at MCN for price and release info on the 70s classic with a modern twist.

    Oh yeah, shocks are color-matched, too. Maybe the Monkey costs what it should, and the Rebel is expensive. This little Monkey has the potential to be the biggest bike in the world. TG's guide to Japan. Most of you know the Grom, introduced in

    Honda Unveils The Monkey | Cycle World

    Grom with retro clothes. Honda took the proven Honda Grom which has sold 40, units since its introduction! Hondas first came to American shores in in the form of a 50 cc four-stroke scooter. Honda stepped it up in Let's get the important review questions out of the way: Photo by Kevin Wing. Imagine, if you will, how many scooters had to sell to cover the cost of those ads.

    Not just the gross sales, mind you, consider the net. According to Honda, it represented the revenue of about 1, 50s. The potential reach, though, was probably tantalizing.

    The Academy Awards were the equivalent of the Super Bowl at the time, raking in about three quarters of all TV viewers. Nowadays, Honda may be regarded as staid and conservative. This strikes me as casino-level investment. The first two spots in the video below are precisely how Honda served up its wares.

    So, I decided to go for it. But to be honest, I was pretty nervous. Big gambles, however, come with big payouts. Honda describes the results thusly: Moreover, large corporations across the U. More than simply another motorcycle, it was seen as a casual vehicle for daily activities, and as such was an entirely new consumer value. In the mid s, that 50 cc engine was stuffed into a much smaller chassis.

    Big motor, little bike. This reminded me of my minibike project. It was developed for a ride in the Tama Tech Amusement Park, which featured motorized attractions. This is reduced a bit on the slightly-larger-than-the-original modern Monkey. They were introduced to Europe and Asia in the early s, but did not hit our country until a few years later, when the familiar shape of the Honda Trails and Z-bikes firmly etched themselves into American motorcycling history.

    Now we come to the new Monkey. Most of you know the Grom, introduced in That bike is a small, practical motorcycle, with all the basic controls of a real bike scaled down into a sturdy, easy-to-maintain package. Where the magic happens. Man, I love this thing. The new Monkey has inch wheels, cc, four speeds, two shocks, and one whole bunch of fun. This bike is either or pounds ABS models are heavier , comes in two colors, and is generally basic. This is a motorcycle that sells almost on its lack of performance.

    A fat guy on a little bike is fun and funny. The Monkey is small, slow, undersprung for me but probably undersprung for almost all adults who do not possess my heft , and none of it matters. I think the seat is a touch more comfortable, and the handlebars feel a little bit narrower. How do I know this? I made sure to ride a Grom the weekend before I left. That was easy because my kiddo, Stinky, has a Grom. Give me the keys. I did exactly what I expected I would do: If you ain't slidin', you ain't ridin!

    The little Monkey encourages play. This situation bears examination. There are many motorcycles that cross generations and rider types, but the Monkey is nearly universal in its ability to do so. Not my proudest moment. I lost a wheelie. However, the private road, dirt, and small displacement made this nine-mile-an-hour "crash" about as safe as it could be.

    Motorcycling has inherent danger, but a bike like the Monkey lets rookies and vets explore limits with a pretty large safety cushion. Most bikes aim to be starter bikes or adventure bikes or race machines or something specific enough that not everyone is drawn in by it.

    HONDA Monkey bike

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