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  • We've got a new Element and love it. Only problem is, we have an infant and a your daughter, and occasionally need room for a fifth person.

    I have a Honda Element SC. I like it, but there are The lack of a 5th seat is annoying but the price of the seat flexibility. The suicide doors.

    I would like to convert the 2 person removable seat system to a safe 3 person to offer a three-passenger rear seat conversion for the Element.

    This means sitting in the seat centered and having the seatbelt across the lap and the belt across the shoulder. Sep 18, Posts: The rule comes in response to a Congressional mandate, known as "Anton's Law," passed to increase child passenger safety and to encourage the use of booster seats by older children. I drive an Element and love it Doubt they were ever used.

    aftermarket seat for Element to seat 5? - Honda Car Forum - Accord Parts Civic Tuning Acura Racing

    Yes, you can only carry 4 people in the seats, with the seat belts. Honda only designed the Element for being a 4 seater. If you lay down the 2 back seats, it is really up to you how many people you can fit in, but it won't be safe to drive, and if you do, mostly illegal.

    Another reason for only seating four is the carrying capacity of the Element is only pounds! That's four pound adults and you're at the vehicle's load limit.

    I didn't believe it when I first heard about this, I've since called Honda twice and wrote them a letter; all confirm the pound limit. People, We do have to remember this is not a super big Lux boat. This car is not designed to be a huge SUV. The Element is a wonderful utility truck, but it is not everything under the sun.

    If you need a truck that seats more than 4, this is not the vehicle for you. Maybe, if the Element sales zoom, Honda may make a bigger version. I would not count on it though. A functional design at work here. I just love the element. The only problem is that I have 3 kids.

    I need to be able to hold 5 people on family excursions. Is there a way to carry 5 people in the Element or at least plans to make an alternate rear seating plan maybe a removable split bench?

    Bonkers, I would say that the Element is not the right vehicle for you. There does not seem to be anything in the works from what I have seen and heard about making seating for 5.

    To me, that is the biggest drawback to the E. I have two kids who always seem to have friends with them. Our E belts fewer people than my Civic Coupe. I could do without the flip-up seats if I could have a 5 seater. I have read online about people 'rigging' a middle seat belt, but it is for emergency only and not acceptable for a daily 5th passenger. Sorry, the E is not for you. I love this vehicle. But, every now and then I'm going to have to fit a fifth person most likely a 6-year-old.

    I'm thinking about a seat cushion to place over the center cupholders and having an interior shop install a shoulder belt, possibly tied into the baby seat latch system. I'm also investigating a harness belt the kind used in race cars. If the interior shop tells me it's not safe, I won't do it. Anyone have a better idea?

    Honda, are you listening? At least make the fifth seat an option. Although I am not recommended this to you, especially with a 6 year old being the 5th driver They all made the decision to take the ride and I know I would have been held liable if god forbid anything happened. I understand the reasons behind Honda's design I will admitt that I have hung the seats many more times than I have had 3 people in the back I look at it this way All the rest have to pile into my friends Explorer or Expedition: Installing a seat yourself First off I don't know if your ins company would insure you or not.

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