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  • Just curious: For those who have already purchased a Model 3 and traded in a vehicle, how did the trade-in allowance from Tesla compare to.

    Tesla accepts trade-ins towards the purchase of a Tesla in most states. To obtain a quote, log into your.

    Did you trade in your old car for value toward your Tesla? If so, what did you own and what did Tesla offer you for it? I'm contemplating to.

    I so appreciate their input, but videos posted by first-name Tesla drivers gave me a lot of a-ha moments on things that were formerly a mystery. There was no other inspection or further scrutiny. California thus collects tax: In NY that's more. How does the trade in work?

    Trade Ins | Tesla

    TMC is an independent, primarily volunteer organization that relies on ad revenue to cover its operating costs. Dec 27, Messages: I thought I would post this to the community to see if Tesla is way off the mark trade in value wise or is it just me expecting to much?

    So the car is about 7. The car is fairly well loaded. I did receive a discount because it was a showroom car and had miles on it. After driving the car, we decided we need a little more room for luggage because we travel a fair amount, So, back in May we contacted our local Tesla store and said we wanted to look at getting a model X. At the time the car had about 3, miles on it. So we have added about 3, miles since that time.

    In May we asked what Tesla would give us on a trade in. We got busy and waited until a week ago and decided it was time to order our model X. So, we went to the Tesla store again. We asked what they would give us with the additional 3, miles on the car and three months older, I was floored I just found it very Bizzzzzare that in such a short time and with only 3, more miles they would drop the price so much.

    Especially when they are getting the sale of a new loaded model X D along with the trade in. It is usually typical that you get a higher price when trading in and buying a new car.

    So, what is my car worth? I would love to hear other peoples opinions on value. Maybe I am wrong? May 19, Messages: Jul 10, Messages: Oct 13, Messages: The biggest explanation I can think of for the drop off is Model S and Model X have gone through significant vehicle upgrades in just these few months. This in turn has lowered values on inventory vehicles.

    Your vehicle would have taken at minimum identical or even possibly outsized hit. You can try a CarMax trade in or look at classifieds and see what you could get for it.

    Sorry about your situation best of luck on getting the best value exchange. Like x 1 Love x 1. May 5, Messages: The price that you're looking for is basically an ideal private party sale price a CPO car has the added benefit of a replenished warranty. Trade ins are always painful because as the owner, you inevitably feel like the car is worth more than you're going to get offered.

    If it weren't that way, heck, I'd just trade in my car every 2 months and get another one. Oct 25, Messages: Just because you overpaid for your Model S, doesn't mean Tesla should! I'm in the same boat as you, I doubt my PDL would sell anywhere close to what I would consider a "fair" price. These are disposable luxury purchases and price will tank once M3 hits wide availability. Apr 10, Messages: Seems like they are giving you quite a good deal on the trade in actually. The real issue you're running into is a lack of demand for slightly used PDs.

    Like x 10 Informative x 1. Aug 16, Messages: What about tax savings on that large of a purchase? Feb 1, Messages: Oct 16, Messages: There are some PDs on Ebay in the past and non have been sold. Informative x 1 Like x 1. Uncle Paul Active Member. Nov 1, Messages: First year depreciation of a new vehicle is pretty intense. They pretty much go away in just a few days. The first year of depreciation is usually the biggest hit too.

    Tesla Model S : True Cost of Ownership Including Depreciation - How Much Is Your Used Model S Worth?

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