Tesla regenerative braking

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  • Regen Braking Preferred 3 settings. | Tesla Motors Club
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  • Regenerative braking uses an electric vehicle's motor as a Tesla vehicles show you the regenerative braking power, such as 60 kW during.

    An easy to understand introduction to how regenerative braking works, including energy-saving systems like flywheels and KERS.

    I was more focused on details then and noticed the drag w/ regenerative braking. It really jerked when I removed my foot from the accelerator.

    Retrieved 22 July Archived from the original on 17 October Instead, the advanced algorithms in the motor controller give it complete control of the motor torque for both driving and regenerative braking. It really jerked when I removed my foot from the accelerator. The only work into the generator is the initial kinetic energy of the car and the only work produced by the generator is the electrical energy.

    Regenerative braking, do the brake lights turn on? | Tesla Motors Club

    Discussion in ' Model 3: TMC is an independent, primarily volunteer organization that relies on ad revenue to cover its operating costs. Regen Braking Preferred 3 settings. Driving Dynamics Model 3. Dec 18, Messages: The 1st time was a real thrill! The 2nd time I waited 2 mos. It really jerked when I removed my foot from the accelerator. Thankfully, it DID have 3 regen braking settings. Ideally, it would be great to have 3 regen settings as in the S. Any Model 3 owners, please send your thoughts on the regen braking.

    Jan 20, Messages: If regen bugs you lots of EV folk love regen , you need an EV with blended brakes. In normal mode, it will feel like a car with an automatic transmission in D.

    The regen is still there, it's just part of the braking system. The first kW of retard when you hit the brakes is regen. If you hit the brakes harder, it starts to use the rotors and pads to burn off energy like an ICE car. The brakes are seldom used. PS - The reason you can't feel regen in Camry Hybrid is because the electric motor is tiny.

    It applies very little regen at all relatively speaking. That's why it's city economy isn't exactly stellar for a hybrid.

    A hybrid with serious regen and blended brakes acts just like the Camry compliance edition, but has about double the city MPG. This occurs on EVs with high regen. When you lift the pedal on the right, it will come to full stop. Informative x 1 Love x 1. Oct 13, Messages: Coming from vehicles with automatic transmissions, most drivers are lazy and simply just take their foot off the accelerator pedal when slowing down. When switching to an EV, you quickly switch to where you feather the pedal to provide the exact amount of electric power desired at that point from full acceleration to full deceleration.

    It takes just a little time to develop the habit of applying a little throttle before disconnecting the cruise control - not enough to start speeding up, but keeps you from switching to full regen.

    Helpful x 1 Informative x 1 Like x 1 Funny x 1. Oct 25, Messages: I hated it at first too. Feb 3, Messages: Thanks all for the feedback!! Jul 30, Messages: I'd prefer they just give me 2 sliders, like my motorcycle. I have a slider to control off-throttle coasting regen and another to control braking regen.

    Coincidentally, the bike also gives me sliders for max speed and max torque. Would be nice to be able to tie all those settings to a driver profile. Would be fine to leave the current options as default and hide more advanced controls behind an advanced tab. Oct 26, Messages: I think "most" EV drivers after a couple months of driving would prefer a more aggressive regen, as your speed is reduced exponential.

    I know I would. Feb 4, Messages: Many prefer to use the full regen, but my husband does not like it and drives his on the low setting. It's not very noticeable. Using the standard regen takes time to learn how to keep the rear brake lights from appearing every time the foot is released from the accelerator, which can be annoying to the one driving behind the car. Apr 9, Messages: The pedal controls the speed—push down some to go faster, let up some to go slower, or put your foot at a spot that maintains a constant speed.

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