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  • Tesla Model X in 7-seat configuration finally gets fold-flat 2nd row seats [Video]
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  • The Model X has up to cubic feet of cargo space, depending on seating configuration. This includes both its front trunk and rear cargo area. That's one of .

    New photos published by Tesla show the expansive cargo capacity of the Model X with the split seats individually folded down while still.

    From the outside, the Tesla Model X crossover SUV shares similar One benefit the Model X cargo space has over the Model S is the taller.

    Well, I quickly tired of towing one Volt- mostly because of one thing- the horrible drivers I encounter around the DC area who cut you off when you need stopping room. With respect to Tesla, removable and fold-down seats probably would have been a better idea than trying to reinvent the wheel in this case. Six Seat Interior Passenger capacity and spaciousness are balanced by open access between the second and third row. But could you list in one column what was either promised or strongly implied, and in another column list the detrimental change that was made? How many shoe boxes or hat boxes or shopping bags can it fit would be more important….

    Tesla Model X Rear Seat/Storage Revealed, P90D Ranged Upped To Miles

    Initial graphics showed a miles range, but that number has now been bumped to miles — or about 20 miles less than what is estimated for the Model S P90D. What immediately strikes us is the 2nd row seats.

    Tesla shows them compacted extremely into to the lines of the front seats. We assume this was to give more vertical height allowance for cargo in the picture? However, this essentially turns the Model X into a two seater when hauling the displayed load. With respect to Tesla, removable and fold-down seats probably would have been a better idea than trying to reinvent the wheel in this case. The Tesla Motors Club has a lively and lengthy discussion thread on the subject as one might expect, check it out here if interested.

    Our thanks to Scott! I did get a few comments when I took a load of stuff to the dump in the Tesla. But it did the job and was much more convenient than renting a truck from Uhaul. Also, the wagon version could fix the rear seat headroom issue.

    I would be all over a Volt if it were a wagon. Here is my estimations on how the dimensions work. It may be too big for the auto expansion within post. On a plus note, these seats may be more comfortable than what they could do with foldable seats. Also there is conjecture that these may be safer as the seats do not lock to either side of the vehicle due to Falcon Wings likely. Sure, there may be another option in 2nd row seats, a less expensive type of seat which will either fold or be removable, but it seems like a poor design to build a CUV in which the 2nd row seats cannot be moved entirely out of the way for maximizing cargo space.

    Well, to answer my own question: Because these seats are air cooled, heated, and are powered; that is, they have motors to move them. That IMHO is a significant deficiency. Ouch, that seat design would not allow me to use this vehicle like my current 4Runner. Beyond that, carrying treadmills, furniture, or even skis in the back would be a no-go with the X as these items barely made it inside the 4Runner.

    I also just realized the 20 nights a year my wife and I camp and sleep in the back of the 4Runner would also be no-go on the X…. There is simply no way I turn in the Tahoe Hybrid in favor of this storage arrangement.

    MY VOLT also holds my bicycle with the back seats folded down…with apparently the same 2 passenger carrying capacity with the bike inside the vehicle. And I have been planning on this X for well over a year now.

    At least I never laid down a deposit. I am guessing people like us that camp, carry bikes and large household items are not the target audience for this SUV.

    Perhaps it just needs to carry tea and crumpets and nothing more. I have found that my LEAF meets my needs for most of my driving, but I cannot sell my 4Runner because it is my long-distance towing, hauling, off-roader. If someone made an SUV with the offroad and towing capabilities of a 4Runner along with a mile all-electric range, I could have my cake and eat it too. The X missed the mark for me, unfortunately. Needs more offroad capability and more all-electric range.

    Model X 5 seater rear cargo space

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