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  • The #1 resource for Tesla & quarter mile times offering a comprehensive index of Tesla electric car specs including Tesla Roadster, Model S P85, Model X .

    Most any Tesla will have surprising acceleration I've had https:// EDUCATIA.INFO

    I think the p85 is per a quick googling. (Tesla Times & Tesla Quarter Mile Times | Tesla Roadster, Model S P85, Model X & more.

    Charging times depend on the type of charger used. I can punch mine at 70mph and still scare myself with almost breaking it loose. Performance is the same, but HP changes by the nature of an electric motor and definition of HP. In other Tesla news they inked a deal with a Chinese convenience store chain to install superchargers across the country at the chains store location, pushing Tesla to all time highs.

    Tesla Model S P85 MPH Test Video - Zero To 60 Times

    Want to know the bottom line? My journey to owning the Model S led me to ask the following questions: Will you use the Tesla for a road trip car? The 60 has comparable real world performance to the 85 and reportedly feels even more spirited because of less battery weight though ballasted to match an 85, the ballast is apparently located differently somehow, according to reports from people who have driven both.

    Real world, this is overkill and more about badge ego than useful value for the vast majority of non-professional racing drivers. From 30mph and up they are virtually identical and both will silently roar around slower traffic with equal capability. Still, that presents some problems.

    My friend Jake and I had several days with a silver loaner read more about it here and it was fun but also frustrating. And bridges with expansion joints that will turn those wheels into ovals. You know how when you go to the grocery store you always get a cart with that annoying wobbly wheel? Speaking of expenses, many P85 owners report higher than average tire wear regardless of wheel size. You can read more opinions on that video HERE.

    Skip ahead 26 seconds to catch the Tesla family feud. One long-time P85 owner asserts the difference in launch speed really only exists at higher states of charge. As a result, maintaining that performance edge over the S85 requires more frequent and fuller charges of the main pack, potentially increasing long-term degradation. So the S85 is a tad slower off the line. And, frankly, the power delivery at launch is a lot smoother.

    James Bond, after all, wears a suit… not a karategi. I have no idea why either. Read more at www. It is, perhaps, the biggest question many prospective hand-wringing owners of the Model S wrestle with — should I get the Tesla Model S P85 or stick to the Standard version? News Drone successfully flies human organ transplant between hospitals. Recent Most Popular News Scientists create AI neural net that can unlock digital fingerprint-secured devices Computer scientists at New York University and Michigan State University have trained an artificial

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