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  • I Am Part of the Resistance Inside Tesla - The Drive
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  • Tesla's former VP of production breaks down exactly why you shouldn't be afraid to build your own products.

    Does Elon Musk have more money than sense? Or could it actually be more sense than money? The chief executive of Tesla is, in a post-Steve-Jobs world, the.

    Tesla is a well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company's founder is not Ilon Mask, as many believe. Mask is one of Tesla's main sponsors and her public face. The company has an interesting principle of work - they do not hide their designs and patents. All of them are available for use and application.

    I work for Elon Musk, but I have vowed to protect Tesla from its CEO's worst inclinations.

    For this reason, many buyers want to do whatever they can afford to make their car unique and increase its functionality. If this title seems familiar, it is because it is. The result is two-track management. Attempting to stab the tire with a giant "Crocodile Dundee" knife proves fruitless and an angle grinder is needed to cut it open.

    Which Tesla Model 3 Accessories Should You Buy (And Not Buy)?

    As we previously pointed, the Tesla Model 3 is wooing people to stretch their budgets. Overall, the aftermarket and accessory market has blown up in recent years. Tesla vehicles are surely considered premium by many people, but they are arguably not nearly as upscale as many traditional luxury cars. For this reason, many buyers want to do whatever they can afford to make their car unique and increase its functionality. With the plethora of options out there, how does one even begin to decide which accessories to consider?

    The Money Guy calls himself an expert in the field. He makes it clear that none of the accessories were free or are being promoted for a particular company. Brian bought them all himself and is sharing them because he believes they are worthy. In this Tesla Model 3 video, we are going to go over what accessories you need to buy and which ones you need to avoid!

    We will first go over exterior accessories and then transition into interior accessory options. A console wrap from Amazon is a nice accessory. Notice all the dust on the console. It scratches pretty easy also. I also bought the trunk and frunk protectors from Tesla made by Weathertech. I have the Max Spider mats too and like them. I also tinted my windows at This is too long to go through. While I have not seen the M3 Interior, I would recommend them for new owners to look at.

    About us Advertise with us Privacy Policy Terms of use. Top 8 Tesla Model 3 Accessories. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Its embedded at the top of the article.

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