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    Today Mercedes introduced the Mercedes E63 AMG and even hairier E63 AMG S sedans with snarly faces, mother flipping drift mode.

    Watch for the Mercedes-AMG E63 to arrive at U.S. dealerships starting in summer We eagerly anticipate getting behind the wheel to see how it.

    Frustratingly there is no gauge to identify the current torque split and power spread, but if you are exploring the limits of the car and are approaching the limits of the law, taking your eyes off the road to watch a cool graph or animation might not be the best thing. The super-saloon marketplace is just about to undergo a revolution. That aside, the transmission is again excellent, offering intelligent and fast changes when in an automatic mode, as well as tactile and engaging feel should you wish to tap away at paddles. Simply activate Drift Mode, which is standard-fit, and the E63 will become a purely rear-wheel-drive car.

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    The standard E 63 comes with AMG Ride Control sports suspension, 19in alloys, a Nappa leather interior and split folding rear seats, as well as two Read our review of the E 63 S. The E 63 S adds 20in alloys, active dynamic engine mounts, AMG performance seats and a leather steering wheel to that. A number of different options packs are available. The car was revealed at the LA motor show, with Mercedes claiming it offers the biggest step forward in performance for its new models. You will pushed to find a car with better power to consumption ratio.

    The new E 63 also holds the distinction of being the most powerful series production four-door model from AMG to date. For the first time, AMG has fitted its 4. In city driving, four cylinders are deactivated between and rpm when the engine is switched to comfort mode.

    As in other recent AMG models, the driver can choose between four driving modes: In Comfort mode, a coast function decouples the engine from the gearbox on extended periods of trailing throttle at speeds between mph for better fuel efficiency.

    The gearbox in the new E 63 is a nine-speed Speedshift MCT Multi Clutch Technology automatic, featuring a so-called wet start off clutch and steering wheel mounted shift paddles. Despite the use of four-wheel drive, AMG says it has ensured the car retains its reputation for promoting oversteer when the conditions allow through the inclusion of a what it calls Drift mode. Activated by the shift paddles, it prompts the four-wheel drive system to deliver drive exclusively to the rear wheels, remaining engaged until the driver deactivates it.

    This gives the E 63 greater camber control than its predecessor. Optional ceramic carbon discs measure mm up front and mm at the rear. AMG has provided the new E 63 with a comprehensive styling package that not only makes it look sportier but also sets it further apart from regular E-Class models than previous generations of the AMG car.

    At the car's front, there's a model-specific front grille, bumper, bonnet and fenders. The changes up front are combined with black exterior mirror housings, wider sills, a boot deck-mounted spoiler, a new rear bumper and four traditional trapezoidal shaped tailpipes. Others are likely to choose something that shouts less loud. Even though Mercedes has got rid of extraneous crease lines on this E class, the way the body panels modulate is still nauseating.

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