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    More Toyota Prius MPG Info. Toyota Prius One MPG & Gas Mileage Data; Toyota Prius Persona Series Special Edition MPG & Gas Mileage.

    The Toyota Prius is a spacious, practical mid-size hatchback that will hold five people and their gear, while remaining the highest-mileage car sold without.

    Awesome that blue-tooth comes standard. Otherwise the car is fine but for this much money I expect a navigation system that works. I found that it soaks up most of the hits nicely, and only got crashy on rare occasions over some nasty road irregularities. If you enjoyed this review, feel free to check out more of them under my vehicle reviews tab at the top of my blog. It is also bigger than my Corolla LE which was a surprise to me.

    Drive Report: Mileage in a Week with the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid | EDUCATIA.INFO

    When Toyota unveiled its Prius Plug-in Hybrid in , there was significant consternation in the plug-in car world. With only 11 miles of range, many EV advocates viewed the Plug-in Prius as not really very electric. But can the miles electric range offered by the Prius plug-in hybrid make a difference to your gas mileage? Can you really drive the plug-in Prius like an EV?

    Or are you better off driving a car like the Chevrolet Volt? Like any other plug-in hybrid, the results show that your gas mileage really will vary with usage. Shortly after our test car arrived, we packed it up with luggage, two dogs, and two kids for a mile freeway trip to see family. With fuel economies reset and a full charge, we set off.

    After 85 miles or so, we stopped at a freeway rest stop for a coffee, plugging the Prius into an available Level 2 charging station while we sorted out refreshments. By the time we arrived at our destination, our car estimated a total of 8 kWh of electric had been used some of it recaptured due to regenerative braking and overall gas mileage was hovering at the Adding another miles of mixed holiday driving and four full opportunistic charges before returning home, our fuel economy had dropped to just With more than 90 percent of our remaining trips being well within the Prius Plug-in Hybrid's mile all-electric range, the gasoline engine rarely kicked in, only turning on occasionally to give extra power at highway speeds.

    Despite such a small battery pack, we also noticed that leaving the test car charging for an hour or so while running an errand was usually enough to refill the battery pack enough to drive home again in all-electric mode. Predictably, our test car performed far better, improving the overall gas-mileage for the week taken over miles of driving was increased to Overall, our car had used EV-only mode for about 20 percent of the week, accounting for 31 kWh of electricity.

    According to the car's dash, this had saved more than 2. We drove for an extended road trip over three days that most people would only consider once a month, and then did the kind of everyday driving most people would do Monday thru Friday for the remaining four days.

    Following usual monthly usage patterns, we think the overall gas mileage would move much closer to official EPA ratings. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe below:. Toyota Prius Prime Plug-in Hybrid. If you enjoyed this article, please subscribe below: Subscribe to our feed Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Sign up for our newsletter Email this to a friend Format this for printing. Spacious Interior But Awkward Design. Read all our Guide articles.

    2015 Toyota Prius - Fuel Economy Review

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