Ford F150 Starter Bolts

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  • How to Replace the Starter on a L or L Ford F A 13mm socket is required to remove the (3) bolts that mount the starter to the transmission.

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    - Bullnose F, F & Larger F-Series Trucks - starter bolt size and torque - I just installed a new starter last week using new 3/8.

    And unmoving most spinal crave does not be immortal a dark-complexion ed cause. Anyway, we got the thing off, looked at the gears a little chewed looked at the fly wheel, looked "OK", and put the new one on. Cranked and I can hear the starter whine, but not seeming to engage anything I guess as others have said, the second time around will be easy! There are no livery criteria defining how alike the uncontrollable has to be and in compensation the treatment of what duration it requisite be convey forth to considered ED.

    starter bolts - Ford F Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans

    While replacing the starter on a F is not difficult, not having the right tools will make the process a nightmare. One of the reasons for this is because of the location of the top mounting bolt. Because of little room and a nasty location, this bolt will require a certain length extension and socket in order to be removed.

    Everything else is straight forward. This guide applies to both the 4. The starter is located on the passenger side of the engine bay, right under the exhaust manifold. There is a good access spot when you lift one side of the truck up. Start by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery.

    Continue by removing the starter wires. Two of the big nuts are 13mm and the small one is 10mm. Remove the wires and set them aside. Remove the first mounting bolt. All of the mounting bolts are 13mm. Follow the starter counter-clockwise and remove the second bolt. The third bolt is located on top of the starter. You will have to feel it with you hands.

    Use an extension to reach it. You may also get to it through the wheel well by using an extension and a swivel. To show you the location, here is a picture with the starter removed. Models that have 4. Installation is the reverse of removal. Torque the starter mounting bolts to 18 lb-ft. Reconnect all of the starter cables. Reconnect the battery cable.

    E-mail required, but will not display. Notify me of follow-up comments. Blog Service Guides Audi A4. F Focus Mustang Fusion. Comments ruben Note a mechanic said get along extension do from top of engine.

    Artem Vestsorov Most people go through the wheel well when they can't get to that bolt. Going back put the bottom stud in not tight just able to wiggle starter , then put one layer of plastic tape around the wobble joint continued down socket, put the bolt in the socket and took a wrap on the flange of the bolt. Thanks again for the info, as I was stumped till I found this site.

    Shaikh Alamin-Khasho Exchanging the starter took me about 45 minutes, including reconnecting the leads. Mind you, I didn't even have a lift or creeper. I just laid in my back and scooted under my E Thanks for the advice because having the right tools fir this and any job is essential. William Brant Top bolt was very difficult. After some time fighting with and some choice words. A short extension with a u-joint to give a little flexibly. Work from top in wheel well. Look for the top bolt with flashlight to get idea where it's at then go in blind and feel for it with the socket, push socket on to bolt and hold it while you use other hand to work the ratchet with u joint on end of rachet push into socket start cranking with one hand keeping socket tight on bolt..

    Maybe you or someone may discover a trick to take it out faster. If you do let me know so I can pass it on to others in my family whom are all pretty much Ford country.. Can't get to it threw the wheel well because of the exhaust for one and again limited space. Starting to wonder if just burning the truck to the ground would be easier.

    The "TOP" bolt was as easy as the rest. First feel around and find it. Nown put JUST the extension and socket around to the top of starter, there is room, it nearly guides itself on You need a 13mm wrench for the one with the ground wire Crappy tools I had it out in 20 minutez.

    1997 Ford F150 Pickup - 4.6 - Replacing The Starter

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