Ford capless gas tank

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  • How to add gas additives to capless fuel tanks - Cool Rides Online
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  • This video shows you how simple it is to fill your fuel tank through the Easy Fuel ® Capless Fuel Filler and how it helps avoid splash back, fuel theft, and getting.

    Turn tampering away - enhance your peace of mind with this precision-fit fuel plug. Easy on and off at the twist of a key. For Use with Capless Fuel Filler System.

    engineers at Ford who have developed the so-called Easy Fuel capless fuel- filler Ford's plans to offer the Easy Fuel system as standard equipment 'With Easy Fuel, you don't have to worry about that dangling petrol cap.

    August 20, at 3: You can reach them at MikeL 27th January at 8: Call for support Speak to a Ford representative.

    Easy fuel filling | The Engineer The Engineer

    All thanks to engineers at Ford who have developed the so-called Easy Fuel capless fuel-filler system, a novel design that uses an integrated spring-loaded flapper door to eliminate the need for a fuel tank screw cap. When Ford measured customer response to the system in focus group studies, 75 percent of women and 67 percent of men expressed a particularly high interest regardless of demographic or vehicle segment.

    According to Annette Huebner, a Ford product planning analyst, Easy Fuel has produced several unexpected benefits that customers may also appreciate. When the proper nozzle is inserted into the filler neck of the system, the latches release, and the nozzle pushes the spring-loaded flapper door to the open position. When the nozzle is removed, the flapper door is automatically forced closed by the spring. The fuel filler pipe is then completely sealed, which prevents fuel vapour from escaping and helps reduce evaporative emissions.

    The new system also has a patented mis-fuelling inhibitor to reduce improper fuelling and siphoning. The inhibitor consists of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. If a nozzle or foreign tube of a different size — a diesel nozzle or plastic hose, for example — is placed in the filler neck of a gasoline-powered vehicle, the latches will not release. For a diesel-powered vehicle, the inhibitor will keep out the smaller gasoline nozzles.

    To protect the fuel filler neck from dirt, dust and debris, Easy Fuel relies on a flexible rubber seal in the body housing. The funnel is the same diameter as an unleaded fuel pump nozzle for a petrol-powered vehicle. I use our diesel tank at work to fill up my car. With this contraption I cannot get the nozzel in the filler orifice. I made an adapter but I can only tell when the car is full when I see diesel draining from the overflow pipe all over the floor.

    I have tried the funnel but againg I end up with more deisel on the floor than in the car. If it stops misfilling it must be a good thing and having no separate cap is a bonus. I constantly get an air lock when filling the tank resulting in the pistol stop pumping diesel. I remove the pistol to release the air in the tank and what little has been loaded spews out over the side of the car.

    Any idea how I can get around this? Ref Anonymous with Ford Focus 1. My recent problem Ref: In the event no effective remedy is provided, compensation would include returning the product in this case a car for full credit or replacement if this was the preferred remedy. My concern is the anyone can open the filler flap by pressing on it. If they then insert the filler funnel to open the filler cap, they could then insert a syphon tube via the funnel, attach a pump and steal all your fuel.

    I have also looked at the availability of a locking plug to stop this possibility. Read what you will into that!! Andrew Taylor, I have the same car with the same problem. Did you manage to get yours fixed?

    I tried to put petrol in my car using the Ford provided funnel. However, you have to beat the thing into the slot before the metal cap opens. The fuel will not go into the car. This astounds me as it renders the car useless unless you fill up at a station. In other words, do NOT run out of petrol or you will have to be towed…. Latest Articles Comments News Skills and careers. News The Student Engineer. Denis Lauzon 16th December at 1: Anonymous 3rd March at 9: John 14th September at 8: Anonymous 21st September at 1: Peter 8th October at 1: Anonymous 16th January at Andrew Taylor 12th June at 8: Bijoy Santra 10th October at 5: Can I get the youtube reference to have look of it, i.

    Anonymous 17th December at 6: Nigel Jones 18th December at 9: JohnK 20th December at 9: MikeL 27th January at 8: Richard Sutch 25th February at 7: Colum McGlynn 15th June at

    Ford's Cap-less Easy Fuel System

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