3.7 v6 ford water pump failure

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  • Water pump killing the engine, scaring you? - Ford Flex Forum
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  • Just an FYI, I saw this over on the Flex forum. A failed water pump can be catastrophic long story short if the water pump fails it can dump.

    Mustang - water pump failure - Hello everyone, Looking for some advice, input and help. The water pump on the wife's.

    FACT! Throughout its history, the logo of the company has changed 8 times, but the name Ford has never disappeared from the emblem.

    I thought the f water pump was different and did not leak . to drivetrain issues E.g. coworkers v6 Honda accord has issues with oil blow by.

    The Duratec 37 is a 3. My CPO warranty expires at , miles. Oil Analysis - General Questions and Comments. I am not familiar working on these newer Mustangs at all and was not expecting a repair such as this at these low of miles. Here's one of Brian's latest videos addressing the issue where a customer asked to evaluate the water pump based on UOA data.

    L & L V6 owners beware (water pump failure) - Ford F Forum

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    Water pump killing the engine, scaring you? Thought it odd, so I sniffed around and found more on f forums and on explorer forums. Now I am honestly concerned. I am currently at 88k and I have a warranty till k. This is the family car, the one we take long trips in, and the last thing I want is to loose an engine on a 7 hour trip. So now I am trying to decide if I should ditch it at k when my warranty expires, or pay another 3k for another warranty and drive it more, of course it will also depreciate quite a bit more after k according to my dealer.

    Soo, am I being paranoid or is this a real thing that will become very obvious in the next couple of years as these cars start going way over k? Of course you can always just change the water pump pro-actively, that would cost you less than extending the warranty. My CPO warranty expires at , miles.

    The weekend after that happens, I'm replacing the waterpump myself proactively. I have an eco also. I am also very concerned about this engine. I also have esp to , with three years left. We only have 35, miles now. Waldo, you are the one I actually wanted to hear from as I trust your judgement on this.

    Member Like Kiwee my mods now contain too many characters to list here. See my build log for details. The T-Rex was only sold in 08 into 09, as it was replaced by the Flex, so there aren't large numbers of them out there. Oil changes have been done per the oil life monitor using motorcraft semi-synthetic and filter. My Flex is gone but my audio build threads from all the ones I've done are here on this forum, just search my username.

    But for now 60K going to keep fingers crossed while rolling the dice. Perhaps this could be done at a coolant change when the AF is empty. It would take testing to validate the effectiveness of this. How about it Ford? You guys created this problem! An other coworkers Toyota engine failed due to sludge build up. What would even be scarier are cars that have a lot of safety defects that can lead to injury or death, e.

    It is the family ride and I would hate to get stranded on vacation. Oil changes every 6k with synthetic, coolant flushed, air filter every 20k, nothing skipped or short changed. Around 50k I had to replace the starter, battery, and blend door actuator. Now sitting at 98k I'm at a crossroads. I'm at a crossroads. What makes you think you are at a crossroads? Be more specific please. Trade, replace the water pump or just keep on trucking. Ford Flex Forum FordFlex. No noise, engine lights, leaks or problems in leading up to it, just an odd sound as I was pulling into driveway, and when I got out coolant was pouring out from under the right side of the engine.

    No drips in road, just up the driveway. Luckily it happened at home! I had it towed to local AAA shop and tech said the water pump was broken but he didn't have tools to fix it since the timing chain needed to be removed to get at it. Had it serviced at that dealer exactly on schedule for entire life of car and was never warned about doing the water pump proactively.

    Need to to get a new car, and believe me, it won't be a Ford. If it really just happened seconds before you shut it off, there should be little chance of needing a full engine replacement anyway. Time for a second opinion in my opinion. I'd noticed a small greasy but clear puddle on the floor of the garage the day before and I was like, oh, that's not good.

    2016 Explorer 3.7L engine failure part 5 of 5

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