Suzuki swift fuel consumption

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  • Hi guys. i've bought me a swift this month. So i've done over KMs so far and the fuel average isn't impressive. Yesterday I had to take a.

    Suzuki Swift A worthy replacement to the Ignis. M version has aftermarket mod potential.

    Ever wondered how far a car could travel on a tank of fuel? Use the tool below to compare the fuel efficiency of our different vehicles, and to see how far each.

    This car offers good fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. So is the root of my fuel consumption problem due to changing petrol or clutch change? The Ciaz also features on our Top 5 Suzuki Cars of list. Stella01 I'm a 29 year old woman looking to meet men between the ages of 25 and She was a volunteer for the United Nations and Red Cross Philippines, and prefers manual cars just for the sheer pleasure of driving them.

    Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Suzuki Cars - Carmudi Philippines

    Hi, I have a one year old Suzuki Swift RS and its board computer indicates its fuel average to be However, I seem to consistently getting an actual fuel average between The actual is based on the trip odometer reading between refuels and the quantity of fuel filled in. I would appreciate your opinion on this or is this as expected.

    The instantaneous fuel economy reading is for a particular time whereas the average fuel economy reading is taken for the distance travelled since the reading was last reset — motorway, city, etc combined driving.

    The fuel economy reading values of I compute these everytime I re-fuel. I have been calculating the actual average for every re-fuel over the past 9 or months. I have never gotten an average that is close to the These figures of actual and what the onboard computer states will never be identical. The onboard computer is a good guide but it relies on information from the injection computer, fuel gauge reading, etc to work out the fuel consumption.

    So there is not much I can do apart from accepting the fact that the new car does not give the fuel economy that the manufacturer and the on board computer suggests?

    Surely this can't be the case. The actual fuel economy results should be achievable under ideal conditions for this vehicle but it is dependent on weather, driving style, load in vehicle, etc. You need to ensure that you are accurate with your testing procedure; especially with the fuel level filled to before and after driving.

    From a fuel economy test we previously carried out on the 1. AA Home Membership Loading items, please wait AA Smartfuel Loading items, please wait AA Home Response Loading items, please wait Travel Loading items, please wait Maps Loading items, please wait Insurance Loading items, please wait Finance Loading items, please wait About Loading items, please wait Contact us Loading items, please wait Site information Loading items, please wait I cannot see a problem here and you are getting really good fuel economy readings.

    Hi, Donovan, Thanks for your response. Thanks again for looking into this. Jump to Accessories and extras Accessories and extras Buying or selling Buying or selling Servicing, repair, faults and reliability Servicing, repair, faults and reliability Fuel and economy Fuel and economy Legal advice Legal advice.

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid : 32 km/L Mileage

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