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  • The Ducati Hypermotard uses the same air-cooled, twin-spark, V-twin engine as the Ducati Multistrada but has a dry clutch to save weight.

    Ducati Hypermotard - First Ride. After 10 years, Federico Minoli has stepped down from his Ducati CEO throne. He did so in a moment of.

    The Ducati Hypermotard Evo has a special appeal and deserves to sell well, despite the compromises inherent in all supermotos.

    The three new models received countless updates from frame, body, suspension, exhaust, electronics and ergonomics. It's heavier but faster, but doesn't have the low-rev torque or punch of the Ducati, though. Ducati's sexy take on the supermoto has been with us since , but now there's a new one, The softer 50mm Marzocchi fork paired with the Sachs shock was more compliant over road imperfections as well as highway bumps than the more racetrack-oriented Evo SP more on that model later. A genuinely and refreshingly different motorcycle A genuinely and refreshingly different motorcycle.

    Ducati Hypermotard Evo review - Telegraph

    While the honor guard marched off, I went to the introductory test of the Hypermotard, held on the twisty mountain roads of Sardinia and the only racetrack on the island, a tiny but pleasant circuit. Lean and aggressively styled, this latest creation from designer Pierre Terblanche proved to be the very functional final result of a daring but well-honed concept.

    At a claimed dry weight of pounds for the S , the bike is light, and as is the case for the , that alone is a sign of quality. It feels light, too, and was easy to ride at moderate-to-medium speeds through town or on twisty mountain roads.

    Customers may choose the Hypermotard for its style, for it is a very fashionable motorcycle, but they will be won over by its performance. When I increased the pace, the highly competent chassis and the ultra-flexible air-cooled V-Twin stepped into play to allow a great ride. Despite aggressive front-end geometry 24 degrees of rake and 3. On both standard and S models, the new Marzocchi fork is absolutely outstanding. Massive 50mm stanchions offer two benefits over the more widely used 43mm unit: Additional frictional loads generated by the larger stanchions are countered by painstakingly accurate machining and the use of high-quality components.

    At the racetrack, where the S was fitted with the optional off-road-only 2-into-1 exhaust system delivering an additional 5 hp, the excellent responsiveness of the suspension made it easy to take full advantage of the 95 hp peak power and, even more important, the 76 ft. Light, fast, responsive and surefooted, the Hypermotard S attacked the 1. With assistance from the premium Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa III radials, the Hypermotard achieved remarkable lean angles, with only the footpegs scraping the tarmac just about the time my knee sliders did the same.

    Despite its tall stance, the bike maintained superb composure, neutrality and stability, even when negotiating the fastest bend of the track at about 85 mph in fourth gear. Spirited and superbly executed, they represent another pivotal moment for Ducati.

    Fun on a racetrack or a winding road is only half the Hypermotard? The bike is reportedly just as great in crowded, low-speed urban environments. The Hypermotard is smaller than it looks. Will it provide the platform for a new range of Monsters? Computer-assisted design rendering of the Hypermotard, clearly showing the bike? Would it be a? Everyone who has ridden this bike notes high-speed stability that is praiseworthy for a supermoto. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content.

    Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. Ducati Hypermotard - First Ride. Do you want to try a big supermotard? Hey, would it be a Ducati without a pair of booming off-road only Termis? Dual pipes exit high for better cornering clearance and to expose the wheel and swingarm. Adjustable mirrors are durable and offer a pretty good rear view. Another view of the Hypermotard showing the unit? Managing Editor Matthew Miles pitches the prototype Hypermotard into a corner.

    WHEELIE CRASH - Ducati Hypermotard 1100

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