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    EDUCATIA.INFO EDUCATIA.INFO Base for the low budget project was a low milage Ducati sport from “ I chose the

    Ducati Sport. Year. - Engine. Four stroke, 90°“L”twin cylinder, DOHC, desmodromic 4 valves per cylinder, belt driven. Capacity. cc / cu -in.

    He still had his Ducati Darmah, however, and in he completely restored the motorcycle. With overload, over current and short circuit protection. Despite the below-par ratios the gearbox itself is quite slick , the Sport's degree V-twin engine does an admirable job of building revs. Mark Fattore delivers the verdict If there's one sure way of opening up new markets for a good or service it's via brand extension - at an introductory price you just can't dismiss out of hand. This victory inspired the creation of SS, which was first launched in

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    What is the Ducati myth made of? Performance, mechanical finesse, lean, essential racey look and allure, low pitched sound of power, crude yet functional execution. Ducati's recent marketing policy tried to tread outside this traditional turf with the Paso. Yet the beautiful Paso has its problems. There are markets which have given it a charming receipt, while others have rejected this kind of civilised Ducati and have reverted to more traditional and hirsute models.

    Paso is very much a Ducati in its best form: We might call it a too low performance-to-look ratio. Now someone at the Factory has picked that same technical essence and has transplanted it into a bike which responds to the parameters of the Ducati tradition. The Paso, in fact, has supplied the power unit in its whole, original form, very legal mufflers and filter included. It is a package good for 62 bhp, net at the rear wheel, with plenty of torque from as low as 3, rpm up, till it levels off at 7,rpm and tails out at around 8,rpm.

    The frame basically is a Fl Replica unit modified in the upper-front section to accept the very large filtering unit which serves the automotive type inverted twin barrel Weber DCNF 11 carb of the central induction system.

    Given a mm wheelbase, same as on the Paso, and thus meaningfully longer than on the Fl, and a consequently well balanced weight distribution bias is being announced for the unloaded bike , it is hard to understand why the same, very responsive mm rake-trail combination was not retained.

    Instead, Ducati's technicians have indulged once again to their traditional "heavy" steering geometry with a mm rake-trail combination, which ' can be justified only by two factors:.

    Yet I would have liked to see how a Paso-like geometry would make the front end behave. The frame passed the Misano Santamonica Track acid test with flying colours. Stability was perfect, high speed tracking around the very fast bend which splits the main straight in two was immaculate, total confidence inspiring, solid and easy. As a matter of fact, the light and spirited Sport proved more precise than an when it came to go around that same fast bend at about the same speed, between and kmph.

    Talking of riding posture, it must be pointed out, to the praise of the overall enjoyability of the bike, that it is in perfect sintony?! This bike is very sporty, but absolutely not fatiguing at it, and they had to shoot me between the eyes to stop me from circling Misano till I would run out of gasoline.

    The weak point of the Sport frame is right where the four 23mm chrome-moly steel tubings forming the main structure of the frame meet the steering head, with no further In. Under the heavy braking in corners possible with the new radials, the head goes out of alignment as the tubing that should, firmly locate it twists.

    I would like to see a tube,. This area deserves better attention than it has received from the Ducati technicians. It must be pointed out that in all other riding circumstances other than the one analyzed above the torsional rigidity of the Sport frame appeared up to the job by a reassuring margin, as the high speed cornering characteristics proved. And now, the engine. This is a complete Paso unit lifted out of a Paso and shoe horned into this modified Fl frame.

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