Big single cylinder motorcycles

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  • The single-cylinder motorcycle is where it all began. acceleration that breaks piston rings, cracks pistons, fatigues big-end roller bearings.

    We look at the best single cylinder bikes on the new and used to blast down a twisty B-road or carve up commuter traffic than a big single.

    Biggest single since the DR Big? - Visordown is the world's fastest growing motorcycle website with all the latest motorbike reviews, motorcycle.

    However, where possible a full listing is given which for the more rare types is not unreasonable Contents. I had a e and really liked it. XT have ridden one, loved it , even works well off road with some tweaks, I've seen plenty that have been raced, and theres the guy who's done the Paris-Dakar multiple times on the same bike! KTM has completely transformed the Duke for , turning it from merely a good low-capacity What's happened over the last 80 years?

    7 brilliant big singles | MCN

    After discovering that one size does not indeed fit all my enduro bike ambitons took a knocking, there's no way I could ride with the bars arround my knees! Moto-Guzzi II le mans, in red, with wire spoked wheels, mmmmmmmmmmmmm ok, so Twins are acceptable. Each to his own,I like it,wish I had one,only ever managed the This is even nicer. Bit like Britney Spears, not the best looking person in the world, but I'd put money on her being absolute filth in bed! Guy I used to work with took an MT round the world, nothing went wrong in a year of riding!

    Though he fitted a transalp tank once he got to australia 'cos the stock one didn't hold enough fuel. Hang on — I think you really need to qualify what you actually want the bike for. You are a newbie are you not? I would go for one of the BMW singles myself. Pick which flavour you want. Are you after a trail bike or a road bike, modern or retro? Tripping back 20 years or so Honda XL's are to be avoided but Yamaha's SRX is an ace little bike once you get the starting technique sorted.

    In terms of mental a Lavera Montjuic trumps any old Ducati twin hands down — and would probably be as difficult to live with as Britney Spears too!

    Look at Dave Lambeth overland site. If you can find a DR Big that would be fun. I fancied an srz, then I rode one after a KR1s and gsxr — ou est le horsepower , good handling though. Not a single but the KLE etc type kwak things get surprisingly good reviews inc from personal friends, style limited, function not so so. Power wise it has only got HP more than the bike someone would have done their test on. I've owned a Yam Tennere,and an Armstrong mt,both at the same time as it happens,the Yam was crap off road too top heavy but very comfy on longish trips birmingham to Bournemouth in an hour and a half!

    The Armstrong was capable off road,but a little slow on dual carriageways,M ways etc,handled well enough,and would go through walls literally! I have said what I want, I wanted a trail bike without the engine re-builds every other week, eg yamaha wrr, but after sitting on a few over the last week decided that they are clearly built for average proportioned blokes and just don't fit me.

    The bars were somewhere down by my knees, felt like riding a BMX only 3ft higher. So now I'm looking at big singles, preferably older and cheeper ones but open to suggestions. XT have ridden one, loved it , even works well off road with some tweaks, I've seen plenty that have been raced, and theres the guy who's done the Paris-Dakar multiple times on the same bike! Basicly I want a cccc version of the CG, a big, preferably air cooled, single.

    As a first big bike it doesn't realy get much more sensible! I really like them too, but they are classic money now. XT has been going on in various disguises for a long time now.

    Green lanes ok, not sure about serious off road like you were talking about in your previous thread though.

    Actually, considered a DR? They are supposed to be actually quite good off road. Pigs to start when hot though. Old man had a DR when they first came out and it was a bit of a beast.

    Largest and Biggest Single Cylinder 2 Stroke Bikes

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