Home depot flatbed truck bed size

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  • OT: I want a truck bed like Home Depot's rental truck?
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  • I've never needed to rent something like a truck or a van for anything, HomeDepot) models or anything like that, but does anyone know the size of the truck beds? One of the flatbed pickups will carry any size mattress.

    I was thinking about renting a truck from Home Depot instead which is right next to the Anyone happen to have the dimensions of the trucks? not really, estimation of flat bed just over 5' by 10', estimation of van 4' by 8'.

    We might rent a 1/2 ton pickup truck at our Home Depot, but my understanding of a “full size flat bed” would be a 40 ft long semi-trailer flat bed large enough to.

    Definitely the way to go if you need one for a trip or two. YOu have to adjust them to fit the bed you are working with. Depends on who rents it to you but you might have to refill the gas you use and provide a receipt. You can make a aluminum bed dump but it may need some extra bracing to keep it from twisting.

    Home Depot Truck Rental Questions - EDUCATIA.INFO

    Log in or Sign up. I heard Home Depot auctions off the trucks after so many years. How hard would it be to install a dump cylinder on it? ThorVentures , Dec 28, If you lived around here you could buy one easy! Our local Chevy dealer got a bunch of them in this summer, I guess HD must have traded up and went with chevys now! They still have at least one on the lot, at least what I've seen driving by. They are kinda hard to miss, lol. As for making them into a dump, probably wouldn't be any harder than turhing any flatbed into a dump other than the challenge posed by the aluminium.

    It's not an easy project, but someone with a good welder and the skills can do it. Big drawback to me is the size of the beds. They are relitavley small for use as a dump bed. But I suppose it depends on what you plan on hauling. Jason Rose , Dec 28, I think one of these trucks could haul twice as much as a pick-up. This would cost me less than two runs in a pick-up with only one driver, no helper to unload if it dumps.

    I just found this dump kit online for these today so I'm curious. I like the bed cause the sides fold down for pallets. You can make a aluminum bed dump but it may need some extra bracing to keep it from twisting.

    Your second option could be underslung hoist which uses two small cylinders to dump the deck. Problem with underslung is the bottom of the cylinders hang below the truck frame. My first choice would be a telescoping hoist but it will take some fabricating.

    For a small 9 foot deck you wouldn't need a big cylinder. A 2 stage cylinder would probably do the job. Gravel Rat , Dec 28, That 5 ton hoist is It won't fit under the home depot flat bed. Those trucks ave 34" wide flat frames. Scissor hoists don't care how wide the frame is. YOu have to adjust them to fit the bed you are working with.

    As long as the frame rails are straight and I don't know how these trucks are built. The 2 center rails for he flatbed should be sitting ON the truck frame rails. The hoist "simply" sits between the rails. Problem will likely be the frame rail height on the flat bed itself. Most hoist kits need a 6" rail height. Of course the frame rail on the bed could be added on too. I personally see nothing wrong with the scissor type hoists.

    I read the installation instructions for the 5 ton hoist. That hoist is huge. It belongs under a F or , not a F single rear wheel. You have the remember that the "5 ton" rating is really just a number, it's not the actual lifting capability of the hoist.

    I probably am getting 4 tons out of mine due to the incresed dump angle I'm running. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

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