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  • Changing the fluid in your Jeep JK Wrangler's differentials is an important part of routine maintenance. New gear oil will insure your differentials.

    Find out what the fluid capacities are for your Jeep JK, YJ and TJ are! For axles with the Trac-lok differential add oz. of limited slip additive. . , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    Capacities in the JK Wrangler can vary depending on the year, make In general, if you do heavy driving, then differential fluids need to be.

    Now, if you are like the rest of us and wheel your jeep and do the appropriate maintenance then dont wast your money on Synth as you should be changing your fluid at least once or twice a year. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation Helps to extend gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits. BB code is On.

    What a diff-erence! Changing Jeep JK differential fluid | Smokey the Jeep

    Login to Your Account. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of New gear oil will insure your differentials will be well lubricated and function properly. And, unlike previous Jeep Wranglers, it will not be necessary remove the differential cover in order to do this. Granted, I do recommend that you do so anyway from time to time every other fluid change as it will give you a chance to inspect your gears and catch any damage or unsual wear.

    Following "Schedule B" in the Jeep owner manual heavy driving , I change my differential fluids every 15, miles.

    Below is a list of what you will need and instructions on how to service yourself differentials on a Jeep JK Wrangler Dana 30 or Dana 44 axle. Place an oil catch pan underneath your differential. Allow your differential to drain completely before proceeding.

    Use a paper towel and some brake cleaner to wipe the bolt clean. If you find any metal chunks, you should skip down to the Thorough Fluid Change Instructions for instructions on how to remove the differential cover. Tighten this bolt to 25 ft. Proceed to refill your differential with gear oil. Please note that a front Dana 44 differential only needs 2.

    If you have factory covers, all you need to do is fill up your differentials until gear oil oozes out of the fill hole. If you have an after market differential cover that has a higher fill hole than factory, DO NOT be tempted to add any more gear oil than is needs. Doing so will result in a differential that is over-filled that will cause gear oil to get pumped out of the breather tube. If you are unsure how much you'll need in your axle, a good rule of thumb to follow is that you only need as much gear oil as is needed to get it to reach the bottom of your axle tubes.

    IF you have a limited slip differential, you will need to add friction modifier into your differential or, be sure to use a synthetic gear oil as it will have friction modifier in it. Thorough Fluid Change Instructions In order to perform a thorough differential fluid change, you will be required to remove your differential covers.

    For instructions on how to do this, simply click on the link below. While it was written for the installation of aftermarket differential covers, the process is the same. Jeep parts and accessories purchased through the following link will help support this forum and at no cost to you. Front axle used a little over 1 quart and oozed out of filler hole.

    No shavings or chunks on drain plug. That should be ok, right? It is to the bottom of the axle. Originally Posted by Jethro So after doing this maintenance I found that the rear only used about 2 quarts and oozed out of filler hole. Appreciate the write up. I put 1 qt in the front and almost 2 in the back. I have 5 small metal shavings from the rear diff stuck on the magnet. Just over paper thin and may 3 mm x 1. Should I be stressed?

    Thanks again for a great easy write up. American by Birth, Veteran so my family lives free. Originally Posted by Jeep du Boy. Ok, thanks for the write up. On my Rubi will I need to add friction modifier? Originally Posted by BTkillerr. Originally Posted by JeepersCreepers I have an 08 Sahara 4wd, no lockers, so is mine a limited slip?


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